Titles listed here were issued in the Picaro Press Wagtail series. To enquire about their availability and that of any titles that may have been omitted from the list, please email.

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Adam Aitken, The Bats of Angkor Wat
Jordie Albiston, My Secret Life
Peter Bakowski, Some Beliefs of Mine
Catherine Bateson, The Horses
Bruce Beaver, The Flautist in the Laundry
Judith Beveridge, How to Love Bats
Judith Bishop, Alice Missing in Wonderland
Bob Bolton, Three Laws of Succession
Janice Bostok, First Light
Peter Boyle, November in Madrid
Margaret Bradstock, How Like the Past
Kevin Brophy, Forty Years on a Bicycle
Pam Brown, In My Phone
Andrew Burke, Knock On Wood
joanne burns, people like that
Carolyn Caddy, God’s Fish
Heather Cam, Border Crossing
Gary Catalano, The King of Clarity
Graham Catt, The Inverted World
Hal Colebatch, The Age of Revolution
Aidan Coleman, Sun in Winter
Jennifer Compton, Brick
M.T.C. Cronin, The Confetti Stone
Sarah Day, Sky Writing
Richard Deutsch, Floating the Woman
Brett Dionysius, The Curious Noise of Historuy
Rosemary Dobson, Folding the Sheets
Lucy Dougan, Against Lawns
Adrienne Eberhard, Phosphorescence
Stephen Edgar, The Secret Life of Books
Suzanne Edgar, Still Life
Anne Edgeworth, Purdie’s Meditation
Rebecca Edwards, Draw a Lion
Brook Emery, At a Slight Angle
Steve Evans, Useful Translations
Diane Fahey, Winter Solstice
Barbara Fisher, Rain & Hirohito
Jane Gibian, small adjustments
Kevin Gillam, shouting, drowning
Peter Goldsworthy, Tattered Joys
Alan Gould, Tightrope Walker
Jennifer Harrison, Changzhuo’s Bees
j.s. harry, If…and the Moveable Ground
Kevin Hart, The Last Day
Paul Hetherington, Chicken
Sarah Holland-Batt, Pocket Mirror
Doris Imber, Inside a Tree
Carol Jenkins, Night Croquet
Judy Johnson, Light and Skin
Evan Jones, The Politic Body
Jill Jones, Where the Sea Burns
Rae Desmond Jones, Baygone
Antigone Kefala, Wayfarers
Kit Kelen, red bellied black
Cate Kennedy, Crucible
Jean Kent, The Spaghetti maker
Anna Kerdijk-Nicholson, What was lost
Peter Kirkpatrick, Australian Gothic
Andy Kissane, Glass Dreams
Lee Knowles, Lucretia
Jeri Kroll, Felis domestica
Susan Kruss, Monet’s Garden
Peter Lach-Newinsky, On the Innocence of Clouds
Mike Ladd, Shacklife
Martin Langford, The Mirror of the Ear
Andrew Lansdown, Communion
Stephen Lawrence, The Culture of Train
Bronwyn Lea, The Wooden Cat
Roland Leach, Darwin’s Pistols
Geoffrey Lehmann, Baking at Night
Miriam Lo, No Pretty Words
Kathryn Lomer, Ifs & Ands
Garth Madsen, Adventure Holiday...
David Malouf, Guide to the Perplexed
Ian McBryde, Ambulance
Rhyll McMaster, The Elegant Rabbit
Gina Mercer, Night Breathing
Mal Morgan, Ma Non Troppo
Kevin Murray, The Blackbird Crisis
David Musgrave, Watermark
Vera Newsom, A Psalm of Rejoicing
Mark O’Flynn, Falling Awake
Oodgeroo, I Am Proud
Jan Owen, Eating Durian
Louise Oxley, Sitting with Cézanne
Geoff Page, My Mother’s God
Chris Pollnitz, Little Eagle
Dorothy Porter, Little Hoodlum
Peter Porter, In Enkidu’s Nose
Craig Powell, The Poem as a Place
Roland Robinson, Would I Might Find My Country
Judith Rodriguez, Manatee
David Rowbotham, The Brown Island
Josephine Rowe, Vanellinae
Robyn Rowland, This Road
Philip Salom, The Family Fig Trees
Andrew Sant, Days of Incompletion
Michael Sariban, The Riddle of Perfection
Margaret Scot,t Child of the Time
Thomas Shapcott, Music Circus
Michael Sharkey, History
Alex Skovron, Chess
Pip Smith, How To Reason with Snakes
Viv Smith, The Traveller’s Tale
Nicolette Stasko, A Single Ascension
Patricia Sykes, performing the belly
Norman Talbot, Asks the Storyteller
Andrew Taylor, Regret about the Wolves
Michelle Taylor, Renovating
Barbara Temperton, At Cavesham
Mark Tredinnick, The Lyrebird
Chris Wallace-Crabbe, The Thing Itself
John Watson, River Syllabics
John Watson, The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Sam Wagan Watson, three legged dogs
Francis Webb, Legionary Ants
John West, Modest Lives
Deb Westbury, Reading the Signs
Lauren Williams, Eloquent
Jane Williams, Some Towns
Carmel Williams, Siren
Judith Wright, Grace
Ouyang Yu, What Can Poetry Do About This?
Fay Zwicky, Afloat