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Joan Ackland
At the Wind's Hand
'Your poems are excellent - a real turn-up for the books. They pack great energy into their word-hoards and are full of brilliant imagery. Congratulations!' - Peter Porter
'This writing is subtle and inventive, with internal music of vowels and consonants - chiming, alliterating, contending - along with syncopated rhythms, and often it leaves something important suggested, but unsaid.' - Dr Manly Johnson, Poetry Editor, Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa, Oklahoma
'This is poetry with an almost unbearable emotional intensity.' - Professor Paul Kavanagh, Department of English, University of Newcastle, NSW
' elegantly shaped as seacraft must be to meet the forces of wind and wave.' - Judith Rodriguez
978 1 74027 466 1, 164pp, $25.00 BUY NOW

Chris Andrews
Cut Lunch
'These delicious poems, crammed with dailiness, establish Andrews as a powerful voice.' - Chris Wallace-Crabbe
'...a collection of solid virtue...' - Canberra Times
Winner, FAW Anne Elder Award for a first collection 2003
Indigo 1 74027 137 8, 86pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Timoshenko Aslanides
Timoshenko Aslanides's first book of poems, The Greek Connection, won him the British Commonwealth Poetry Prize for 1978. His most recent book was Occasions for Words (2006).
978 1 74027 497 5, 72pp, $22.50 BUY NOW

Derek Baines
Flying Through Cloud
'These poems are elegant as a kimono. Indeed, at times they feel slightly Japanese - gentle, beautiful, graceful and flowing.' - Kate Llewellyn
1 74027 344 3, 74 pages, $18.00 BUY NOW

Bobbie Barclay
The Sun Dismantled
'In these straightforward lyrics one sees, time and again, a love of poetry, family and nature; and, despite exasperation with human vanity, a sensible and sensate engagement with the delights of the world.' - Brook Emery.
978 1 74027 384 8, 84pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Elaine Barker
The Day Lit By Memory
'Elaine Barker has a feeling for the poetic moment, an eye for detail, and the deftness and delicacy of style to capture the experience for the reader. Her vivid, mercurial poems are streetwise, often humorous and always open to other people, whether Greek neighbours, a blind woman on a tram, a child busking in Mendoza, or a gipsy woman in Bucharest. This is a rich, varied collection.' - Jan Owen
978 1 74027 519 4, 82pp, $22.00 BUY NOW

Robert James Berry
Robert James Berry lives and writes in Auckland, New Zealand. His work has been published widely. Stone is his second collection.
1 74027 283 8, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Robert James Berry
Robert Berry's third collection is in three parts; the poems move from England, to South-East Asia, and finally New Zealand.
1 74027 330 3, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Robert James Berry
Sky Writing
Robert James Berry lives and writes in Auckland, New Zealand. Sky Writing is his fourth collection. It is divided into four sequences: 'Isthmus' charts the land, 'Beginnings' looks at people coming to that land, 'Voyagers' focuses on their sea journeys and 'Growing Up' considers their contemporary world. Sky Writing is dedicated to the author's country, New Zealand, and to his wife Ahila and their third son Srinath.
978 174027 394 7, 74pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Robert James Berry
Sun Music
Robert James Berry lives and writes in Auckland, New Zealand. His poetry has appeared in literary journals in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK, such as Westerly, Quadrant, Landfall, Rattapallax, Dandelion and Magma. Sun Music is his fifth collection.
978 1 74027 449 4, 60pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Robert James Berry
Robert James BerryÕs sixth collection.
978 1 74027 512 5, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Linette Bone
Healing Tears
'This fine and powerful selection of poems is one that we all should read and take to heart.' - Anne Edgeworth
1 74027 116 5, 104pp, $16.00 BUY NOW

Margaret Bradstock
The Pomelo Tree
'...a unique and important book.' - Judith Beveridge
'...chock full of gold nuggets waiting to be discovered.' - Andy Kissane
'...a stunning collection.' - Five Bells
'...rather exquisite...pleasurable and informative.' - Overland
1 74027 107 6, 80pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Margaret Bradstock
'Margaret Bradstock's poetry pays homage to the yearning that keeps us fighting against the odds, against failing social and political situations. Always a pleasure, this work is both vulnerably responsive and unabatedly tough-minded.' Š Judith Beveridge
'Coast is a fine poet's finest yet achievement.' - Five Bells
'...alert to impressions, dedicated to finding forms to reshape them.' - Canberra Times
'There's no doubting the tough-minded emphasis of Margaret Bradstock's writing. But it's also a poetry of balance; she doesn't lose sight of the humanity she shares with her political opponents.' - Famous Reporter
1 74027 313 3, 117pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Bridge Foundation
Fighting the Demons
This anthology gives a voice to prisoners and their family members.
'The voices, male and female, are sorrowful and bleak. I learnt more about contemporary prison experience than I have from any recent media report.' - The Age
1 74027 278 1, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Kate Bristow
See It While You Live
A witty collection of wry reflections on the pleasures, the puzzles and the predicaments of contemporary life.
978 1 74027 390 9, 48pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Kath Broughton
The Ambiguity of Olives
'There is a richness and engagement with the senses in The Ambiguity of Olives that makes these poems to relish, poems to console...' - Brook Emery
1 74027 305 2, 96pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Dawn Bruce
Tangible Shadows
'In this, her second collection, the poet emerges from the confines of grief and the more introspective climate of her first collection to "light and space/across an unsullied beach,/to a blur of aquamarine/and the faraway horizon."' - Lesley Walter
Winner, Society of Women Writers NSW Biennial Book Awards 2007
1 74027 331 1, 86pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Dawn Bruce
Sketching Light
'Dawn Bruce's sustained engagement with Japanese poetic genres informs her free verse too, imbuing it with spare elegance and a keen sense of the immediate. This is disciplined writing that prunes the extraneous and allows us to see the clear images upon which this poet bases her commentary on human experience. Dawn's love of and commitment to poetry is evident in every line.' - Beverley George
978 1 74027 476 0, 92pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Michael Byrne
Estuary at Dusk
' heir to the Imagist tradition of William Carlos Williams...a promising first book.' - Geoff Page
1 74027 123 8, 88pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Michael Byrne
'There is manifest intelligence in ByrneÕs poetry and an emerging technical competence... Let us hope for more from him.' - Canberra Times
Winner, Poetry, ACT Writing & Publishing Awards 2006
1 74027 290 0, 72pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Michael Byrne (editor)
On Common Water
A salute to the vigour and diversity of contemporary Australian poetry and a celebration of Ginninderra Press's first ten years.
1 74027 362 1, 79pp, $18.50 BUY NOW

Kon Calembakis
Kon Calembakis has lived in Adelaide for most of his life. Queensland is his first poetry collection. Other published works are Mission to Zyrcon and The Patagonian Lakes and other stories.
978 174027 510 1, 28pp, $12.50

David Campbell
Hardening of the Light
David Campbell is one of the finest lyric poets in the English language and in this, the first selection from his work since Leonie Kramer's 1989 edition of The Collected Poems, Phillip Mead has chosen from across the entire range of the poetry.
'...should occasion a revaluation of a poet now slightly remembered, but who can endure.' - Canberra Times
Indigo 1 74027 373 7, 132pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Gary Catalano
New & Selected Poems 1973-2002
'Gary Catalano was an important Australian poet. His talent was exquisitely refined, both in his subtle verse and in the prose poetry which he took to a higher pitch of excellence than any other Australian has attained. He was also a discerning critic both of literature and of painting, and his important collection of paintings and other works is housed under his name in the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery. This book comprises a selection of his best earlier poems, plus the text of his last book, which was almost complete when he died, still tragically young, in 2002.' - Les Murray
'Limpid lines, his ability to imbue the smallest details with significance and his knack for rendering the contours of experience have a "painterly" quality about them expressed in spare, subtle lyrics...' - Sydney Morning Herald
'...a fine poet with a distinctive style.' - Australian Book Review
Indigo 978 1 74027 430 2, 219pp, $30.00 BUY NOW

Jennifer Chrystie
Polishing the Silver
'...illuminating description and tough exploration of ordinary human experience, and the ability to move, with apparent ease, into its mythic possibilities.' - Aileen Kelly
Commended, FAW Anne Elder Award for a first collection 2007
1 74027 335 4, 94pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Ross Clark
Salt Flung into the Sky
'Clark is a confessional poet, revealing himself as a man devoted to memories, celebrating his lineage and its history, making sacred the quotidian, constantly beset by grief, struggling against death with all the strength of his art and, especially, of his love.' - Frank Pool
'Clark masters many forms, many rhythms...' - Australian Book Review
Indigo 978 1 74027 436 4, 94pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Nance Cookson
Laughing in the Street
The latest good-humoured collection from the pen of this popular NSW South Coast poet.
978 1 74027 403 6, 40pp, $15.00 BUY NOW

Thˇr¸se Corfiatis
Emissaries of Light
These diverse poems explore the symbol of light and its impact on her life. Thˇr¸se believes the human mind is a receptacle for the light. Inner spirituality, beauty of landscape, the vulnerability of humanity, and the need for forgiveness and healing explore this theme. Her poems are an authentic expression of living.
1 74027 319 2, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Thˇr¸se Corfiatis
Northern Lights
Thˇr¸se Corfiatis lives on Tasmania's north-west coast at Ulverstone. In this collection, her poems explore displacement and loss, journeys that take us through 'cathedrals of blood and bone' and how these journeys redefine a sense of belonging to any given place. Her deep love of landscape transforms into the sacred. Themes of light, colour and space cry out. Be prepared to go on a journey that will take you into every human emotion.
978 1 74027 511 8, 76pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

P.S. Cottier
The Glass Violin
P.S. Cottier has worked as a university tutor, a union organiser, a lawyer and a tea lady. After finishing a PhD on images of animals in Dickens, she finds herself particularly attracted to short poems. She lives in Canberra and is now able to write full time.
978 1 74027 525 5, 90pp, $22.50 BUY NOW

William Cotter
Cloud Gazing
Bairnsdale teacher William Cotter's third collection.
1 74027 332 X, 76 pages, $18.00 BUY NOW

William Cotter
Moments and individual encounters help give meaning to our lives. Some we record because they give us pleasure. Some because they link us with people. Some because they emphasise our loneliness. Some are brim full of joy. Others are empty wells, or long echoes of sadness. Few are ever really forgotten.
978 1 74027 508 8, 76pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Nina D'Arcy
A Guarded Truth
A first collection which includes reflections on modern life and suburban living. It also provides windows into a range of relationships and surroundings.
1 74027 372 9, 58pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Beryl Doble & Ro Marriott
Voices Against the Wind
Two poets, with distinctive voices and a flair for language, share their thoughts on yesterday, today and tomorrow.
1 74027 352 4, 58 pages, $17.50 BUY NOW

Melanie Duncan
Looking Through the Glass
Melanie Duncan's first collection is evocative and diverse. It invites the reader to open and explore.
1 74027 351 6, 36pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Suzanne Edgar
The Painted Lady
Focuses on art, the natural world, the intimacy of love, human caprice. These poems will stop you in your tracks with the force of their emotional intensity.
'...a highly intelligent, inventive and gifted poet...' - Les Murray
'Sincere, intimate and straightforward...' - Canberra Times
Highly commended, Poetry, ACT Writing & Publishing Awards 2007
Indigo 978 1 74027 398 5, 100pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Anne Edgeworth
Poems for Off-duty Hours
A selection of this much-loved poetÕs work.
'...a passionate poet but also one who understands and accepts human foibles and idiosyncrasies.' - Canberra Times
978 1 74027 456 2, 98pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Barbara Fisher
Archival Footwork
'Poems of sensuous precision.' - Elizabeth Webby
'...a gift to readers who love poetry that reinstates the primacy of wit.' - Michael Sharkey
'...lyrical evocations of life...' - Peter Coleman, Adelaide Review
Indigo 1 74027 096 7, 88pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Barbara Fisher
Still Life, Other Life
'Life in all its variety is at the heart of this fine collection of poems. Barbara fisher shows her mastery of the compressed narrative that is poetry at its best, evoking a world in a grain of sand.' - Elizabeth Webby
'A sparkling collection. These poems are cut from life and from the mind with the sharpest possible scissors.' - Kevin Brophy
'Barbara Fisher is a past master of the lyric moment, the poem that evokes an experience in time with wry humour and apt observation.' - Five Bells
978 1 74027 442 5, 86pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

John Foulcher
John Foulcher's sixth book of poetry is his most assured, complex and expansive collection.
Indigo 174027 027 4, 74pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

George Genovese
Time Steals Softer
George Genovese was born in Malta in 1962 and immigrated to Australia in 1967. In 1985 he graduated from La Trobe University with a major in philosophy. He has since read his poetry at various venues in Victoria.
978 1 74027 408 1, 76pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Alan Gould
Dalliance and Scorn
'Alan Gould is not noted for being a poet of light verse, but with this volume he has achieved what brewers of light beer aim for: strength without the hangover.' - Australian Book Review
'Gould's virtuosity is a sheer joy.' - Quadrant
Indigo 1 876259 88 4, 82pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Alan Gould
A Fold in the Light
A Fold In The Light is perhaps the finest of Alan Gould's collections and includes some of his meticulous yet evocative maritime drawings.
'His images have the power of surprise in what they ask us to see again.' - Canberra Times
' of our best poets.' - Quadrant
Limited, signed edition
Indigo 1 74027 081 9, 76pp, $30.00 BUY NOW

Allan Hacking
Holding Back the Night
Allan Hacking started writing poetry after returning from Vietnam. The biggest influences on his work have been the yarns told to him by his father, grandfather and uncle, as well as his personal experiences of life in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria.
978 1 74027 441 8, 64pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Eileen Haley
Full Circle
Full Circle is a poem sequence which takes a novice grandmother around the world, seeking out magic places and connections as she summons up courage for a task she must accomplish before she comes back home.
978 1 74027 402 9, 140pp, $22.00 BUY NOW

Cynthia Hallam
Bread and Butter People
A very enjoyable, well observed collection of light-hearted poems.
1 74027 226 9, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Cynthia Hallam
Rising to the Occasion: Performance Poems for Everyone
Cynthia Hallam's poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies, been read on ABC radio and performed on stage.
1 74027 304 4, 58pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Cynthia Hallam
Town Life
Cynthia Sidney Hallam grew up in Lismore in the Northern Rivers district of New South Wales. Her poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies, been read on ABC radio and performed on stage. She now lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.
978 1 74027 460 9, $18.00 BUY NOW

Dale Harcombe
'...beautiful stuff, delicately observed, lovely images, and clear, lucid observations.' - Sophie Masson
'There is a real poetic understanding of the influences on a life in this work, and all show a deep empathy with other peopleÕs inner lives.' - Artlook
'Her poems have exposed her heart, and I like what I see.' - Studio
1 74027 297 8, 64 pages, $17.50 BUY NOW

Mary Hawthorne
Woven All Into a Cloth
'Unpretentious, emotionally and psychologically acute, sometimes wry, it records the way things are; and the way they are not.' - Brook Emery
'Her poetry has a willed openness to what challenges her eye...' - Canberra Times
1 74027 162 9, 88pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Jill Hellyer
The Listening-place
Jill Hellyer is a Sydney writer born in 1925. Educated at North Sydney Girls High School, she has been a consistent contributor of poetry and prose to literary magazines such as Southerly, Overland, Meanjin and Heat as well as various overseas anthologies over sixty-five years. She helped to establish The Australian Society of Authors and was its foundation secretary from 1963 to 1971. She was subsequently made a life member for her services. In 2006 she was awarded an OAM for that work and for her contribution to Australian poetry.
978 1 74027 453 1, $18.50 BUY NOW

Graeme Hetherington
Life Given
These are lyrics of remarkable self-scrutiny, an older poet's fierce struggle to find pattern in the life given.
'...brutal - but beautifully brave' - Five Bells
Indigo 1 74027 143 2, 88pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Rosemary Jaensch
Still Bemused
After a lifetime of observing human nature, it is still possible to wonder at the diversity of personalities, be mesmerised by the play of light and shadows in our lives, and yet be still bemused by new experiences.
1 74027 279 X, 68pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Angela Johnson
Neon Moons
'Angela Johnson's poetry celebrates "the small personal voice", its insistent pursuit of the unique in the quotidian. Ranging over the realities of poverty, family relationships and love, and probing the connections between humanity and the natural world, these poems often surprise with their poignant, clear-eyed observation.' - Louise Wakeling
1 74027 284 6, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Judith E.P. Johnson
A collection combining this fifth-generation Tasmanian's most recent poems with the best from her four previous books.
'This is a fine collection of thoughtful poems.' - Sunday Tasmanian
1 74027 338 9, 96pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Adele Ogier Jones
Afghanistan - waiting for the bus
Political themes are common in these poems, though more often it is the snapshot of ordinary Afghan people affected by the ongoing war, and the international security assistance forces and international aid agencies which feature. The title poem, 'Waiting for the bus', captures much of this. Loneliness, love and loss are common themes, with the backdrop to all of it the land - remote, rugged and beautiful. While the picture is dark, there is hope in these poems - and sometimes a rare humour.
978 1 74027 447 0, 75pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Elizabeth Jones
Into the Darkness, Into the Night
One person in every five will experience depression at some stage during their life. What you see from the outside is often a drop in the ocean of the anguish below. A shallow hole can spiral into a deep and sinister pit where time stands still and living is agony. ThereÕs nothing but the cold, dark loneliness to play evil games with your mind. Elizabeth Jones has compiled this poetic journey through her own depression. From falling into that sinister pit, she pens a visual rendering of pain, suffering, survival and triumph without ever leaving the confines of her own mind. This book is a tribute to those who have suffered, a humbling education for those who havenÕt and a small comfort to those who are faced with this all too common illness.
978 1 74027 484 5, 56pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Marilyn Landau
Peaceful Mind
A thoughtful collection of prose, poetry and photographs which shed touching light on the authorÕs experience of depression.
978 1 74027 486 9, 52pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Adrian Lane
Adrian Lane is an Anglican minister who teaches Preaching and Pastoral Care at Ridley Melbourne, Australia. Originally trained in Social Work and Psychology, he worked for the Navy before undertaking further study at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts and Princeton Theological Seminary. He loves people, words, exploring, water and art.
978 1 74027 533 0, 72pp, $22.50 BUY NOW

Ray Liversidge
Obeying the Call
'Liversidge takes us through life, love, loss and sex, and deep down into the complex tunnels of the human heart.' - Ian McBryde
'Liversidge is well versed in the poet's craft and the shape of his work is beautifully varied...' - Muse
'...writing of a high order...' - Island
1 74027 173 4, 83pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Ronald Liversidge
Collected Poems
A retired lawyer living with his wife in the Lower Blue Mountains, Ronald Liversidge served in the RAAF in the 1939-45 war and took part in thirty-eight raids over Germany.
1 74027 327 3, 98pp, $24.00 BUY NOW

Joe Loudon
A Forest of Uncles
'Joe Loudon was something of a polymath, being not only a successful high level public servant (who retired early) but also a competent visual artist. This selection of his works shows a close observation of human behaviour and a flair for rendering it visually.' - Geoff Page
174027 238 2, 104pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Deb Matthews-Zott
Shadow Selves
'Shadow Selves draws the reader into the psychic and emotional tussle of contemporary lives. Some of the poems pant with sexual tension. Others ache with frustration and loss. The poetry is always intensely physical.' - Jeri Kroll
'There should be more of this kind of work - the expression of real human experience and ambiguity.' - Cordite
'...the poems in this collection are formed through an unemotional, stark and relatively objective voice that, interestingly enough, almost explicitly deals with hypersensitive, very subjective and emotionally-charged themes and subject matters.' - JAS Review of Books
1 74027 228 5, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Deb Matthews-Zott
Slow Notes
'The poet's slow notes are her states of intense perception. Exploring the relationships between place and distance, dream and daydream, fullness and emptiness as well as moments ending and not ending. HereÕs sensuous poetry often merging taste with touch with sight with smell and, of course, with sounds.' - Graham Rowlands
'DonÕt miss out on reading this...' - Independent Weekly, Adelaide
978 1 74027 477 7, 68pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Joanne McGrath
Affording a View
Joanne McGrath lives and writes in the Southern Highlands of NSW.ŹHer published work includes poetry, short stories and articles. She is married with three grown-up children and a golden retriever.
978 1 74027 400 5, 50pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Stephen McInerney
In Your Absence
'This unrushed debut collection reveals a poet in the succession of Lucretius and George Herbert, various, graceful in thought and verbal music, alive to the uncountable dimensions of life and under no compulsion to devalue any.' - Les Murray
'Its demeanour is gentle and unassuming, but its range surprises.' - Canberra Times
'...a fine first book.' - Quadrant
Indigo 1 74027 145 9, 54pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Yvette Merton
Faces in the Storm
To walk through life as if armed with an internal camera, framing and focusing on the ephemeral moments that lay in the subterfuge of our existence. Taking the opportunity to look through the lens and renegotiate the image. Faces in the Storm is a meditation on the shapes and impressions left behind after both the subtle and the ravaging storms we face as human beings.
978 1 74027 522 4, 70pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Tim Metcalf
'...exhibits a strong intelligence and a broad range of poetic perspective... His polished tentativeness...has a refreshing modesty not commonly found in modern writing.' - JAS Review of Books
1 74027 114 9, 72pp, $16.50 BUY NOW

Tim Metcalf
Cut to the Word
'...writing with intelligence and asperity...wit worth the reading.' - Canberra Times
'All poets write their psyches, but in these revealing vignettes Metcalf does so more than most, and deserves congratulations and thanks for doing so.' - Muse
1 74027 168 8, 63pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Tim Metcalf
Into the No Zone
The third collection by this startlingly original poet.
'There is excellent work in this collection...' - Muse
Highly commended, ACT Publishing Awards 2004
1 74027 167 X, 76pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Tim Metcalf (editor)
Verbal Medicine
One hundred poems, a historical sketch and select bibliography record a blossoming of poetry concerned to locate the human firmly at the centre of a clinical world that often has other priorities.
'...invites readers to face the ubiquitous fears of illness, mental imbalance and death with an unflinching sense of empathy and understanding.' - Five Bells
Winner, Poetry, ACT Writing & Publishing Awards 2007
1 74027 369 9, 147pp, $27.50 BUY NOW

Tim Metcalf
The Solution to Us
The latest stunning collection from this award-winning poet and physician.
978 1 74027 473 9, 96pp, $25.00 BUY NOW

John Millett
Circles of Love
Sexual pleasure is explored in this collection Š variously, from parental love, through simplicity in early sexual expression, then, passing times of innocence to complex relationships outside the norms of de facto and conventional alliances.
978 1 74027 523 1, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Mondays at Tilley's
Humorous and serious poems and stories by six Canberra writers (Beryl Ross, Dorothy Shaw, Joan Silins, June Foster, Percy Worsnop and Phil Curtis) who met over coffee at Tilley Devine's Cafˇ Gallery in the Canberra suburb of Lyneham on Mondays.
1 74027 016 9, 224pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Ann Nadge
Whether they be in China, Cambridge, country Australia or suburban streets, Ann Nadge reflects on and recreates experiences which 'corrugate the heart', leading to moments of insight and new awareness.
1 74027 220 X, 125pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Ann Nadge
Fence Music
Poems drawing on the intersecting landscapes of memory, travel and reflection. Inspired by John Rose playing a fence at Milparinka, the title poem explores the interplay of landscape and human creativity and fences that join or divide.
1 74027 272 2, 110pp, $22.50 BUY NOW

Ann Nadge
Shifting Light
In her third collection, Ann Nadge explores the ways in which single or cumulative experiences shift the light of our understanding, bringing new insights. Her subject matter ranges from reflections on Florence to a walk in Manly.
1 74027 355 9, 102 pages, $20.00 BUY NOW

Ann Nadge
Occupying Silence
Ann NadgeÕs fourth collection. The poems reflect the sometimes subtle, sometimes forceful ways in which perception impacts on the margins of experience and on our understanding of ourselves in time and place.
978 1 74027 471 5, 88pp, $22.00 BUY NOW

Christopher Nailer
Blundstones & a Brown Dog
Blundstones and a Brown Dog is about living in the real world with your heart and your eyes wide open. This collection, written over a twenty-five-year period, speaks about the perplexity of simple things: love, death, longing, friendship, hope. Its voice is human, fallible, incomplete. It's about the journey and the dreaming; it's about lives as precious and fragile as fine china.
Highly commended, Poetry, ACT Writing & Publishing Awards 2007
978 1 74027 392 3, 70pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Geoff Page (editor)
Indigo Book of Modern Australian Sonnets
Almost 200 sonnets written by Australians since 1945.
'...reading was like finding a collection of small gems...a superb selection...' - Muse
'...most definitely worth buying...' - Quadrant
'...fine collection...' - Canberra Times
Winner, Poetry, ACT Publishing Awards 2004
Indigo 1 74027 218 8, 112pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Christine Paice
Mad Oaks
'This first all about experience... Paice pulls us into her experience, the experience of motherhood, her family roots and wonÕt let us go. It is poetry to lift the self beyond the self.' - Jorie Manefield Ryan
1 74027 223 4, 68pp, $18.50 BUY NOW

Christine Paice
Staring at the Aral Sea
The Aral Sea is a metaphor for our world. WeÕre all interconnected. The terrible things. The miraculous things. The daft, the hysterical, the glorious things. Christine Paice writes poetry that lives in this world.
978 1 74027 472 2, 72pp, $22.00 BUY NOW

Sheryl Persson
Scarcely Random
'Read these poems and listen, memorise every word. They come with a black belt in imagery.' - Karen Knight
'A breathless control above and among the chaos, passion, cleverness, outrage. ItÕs here. It works.' - Les Wicks
978 1 74027 405 0, $20.00 BUY NOW

Ioana Petrescu
'Petrescu has a unique writing and functional, with no excess anywhere, but still lyrical...a collection worth the read.' - Muse
1 74027 082 7, 79pp, $16.00 BUY NOW

Karen Phillips
Past the Barrier
Barriers to inspiration. Barriers to communication. Barriers to movement and achievement. Barriers that can be passed in one direction only. Many poems in Past the Barrier cross a dividing line of one sort or another. Settings range from the neighbourhood and bush to the ancient world and outer space, taking in a few lost years in Europe along the way. Various poetic forms are explored. Grounded in the poetry of the everyday, the poems display underlying preoccupations: utopia, dystopia and apocalypse; memory, grief and time. Some suggest that the barrier between the living and the dead may be more porous than it seems.
978 1 74027 478 4, 54pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

R.C. Potter
Past Hell's Portals
A selection of the poetry written by Private Cleve Potter while he was fighting with the AIF's 21st Battalion on the Western Front from 1916 to 1918.
1 74027 054 1, 60pp, $16.00 BUY NOW

Jessica Raschke
Luscious Glass Cage
Jessica Raschke uses words as shards, reflecting fragmented emotional states. Her poems glisten with confidence as they ricochet between the abstract and the deeply felt. But feelings are seen as capable of deception and, like reflections in a mirror, they are reversed and distorted. Despite a strong feeling for ambiguity, RaschkeÕs poems hold a certain intimacy and the promise of revelation.
978 1 74027 501 9, 38pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Max Richards
Catch of the Day
Since his widely praised and prize-winning Under Mount Egmont, Max Richards has continued to draw on his experiences to write entertaining and touching poems.
1 74027 342 7, 96pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Meredith Rigter
Heartfelt poems of love and loss.
978 1 74027 506 4, 46pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

William Rush
Shocked Stars
'Gentle intelligence and humane humour illuminate profound issues and daily affairs in accessible language with the bite of irony and wit.' - Connie Barber
978 1 74027 386 2, 82pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Alice Shore
Birds Dare Not Whisper
Eclectic moments of rural life and diverse people - some infamous - are captured here in poetry sometimes terse, sometimes effusive.
1 74027 323 0, 47pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Alice Shore
The Prosperous Nation
Are you concerned by globalisation, privatisation, global warming, George W. Bush et al., the new IR laws? If so, these satirical monologues may make you smile or groan, or both.
978 1 74027 426 5, 40pp, $15.00 BUY NOW

Ian C. Smith
This Is Serious
'...demands attention, and rewards a close reading...finely worked words...' - Muse
'There are certainly many poems here worthy of reflection.' - Five Bells
1 74027 225 0, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Ian C. Smith
Memory Like Hunger
'Smith sees life and relationships as they really are and is able to express the experience in a poetic fonn which makes reading poetry a worthwhile experience.' - LiNQ
1 74027 377 X, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Melinda Smith
Pushing thirty, wearing seventeen
Lively and varied, this collection rushes the reader headlong through love, grief, outrage, takoyaki, alienation and football.
1 74027 083 5, 56pp, $16.00 BUY NOW

Melinda Smith
Mapless in Underland
'[T]he work of a poet directly with life as it is. She takes the reader on journeys into the past, through childhood, and across relationships. Her poems have a tenderness of expression and...use the transforming power of imagery to connect with her readers...' - Geoff Page
Commended, ACT Writing & Publishing Awards 2005
1 74027 264 1, 62pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Rory Steele
Academy of the Superfluous
'These poems are poised between unswervable human realities and the excitement of language games. Their range is wide: Italy, Australia, England, the Shadowland of the Mind; love, travel, history, the dismantling of the Self into its warring parts. In The Academy of the Superfluous that often disappointed feaster, the Poetry Lover, will find his and her self pleasured and instructed at once.' Š Peter Porter
1 74027 324 9, 75pp, $22.00 BUY NOW

Rita Summers
Chairs Abandoned In Odd Corners
This first major collection of the authorÕs work represents a cross-section of poems written at different periods in her life. The photographs which illustrate the book, taken by the poet around her home in Tasmania, are an attempt to express the isolation often felt by individuals who are deeply sensitive to their surroundings and who seek answers to the often unexplainable events which threaten to overwhelm them. The poems themselves, like prayers, speak, whisper, shout or scream in response to different situations.
978 1 74027 462 3, 54pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Gillian Telford
Moments of Perfect Poise
'Gillian Telford's poems deliver what the title of her collection suggests. Always mindful, often subtle in their argument and surprising in their intensity, these poems display a range of moods, attitudes and technical approaches to her subjects. Telford is alert to the nuanced signals between people: she can memorably convey family and other social dynamics, and sheÕs an enviable practitioner of tanka and other forms practised by her admired models.- - Michael Sharkey
'Like the restless circling of the ice skater in "The Rush", these poems have the glide and weave of deep contemplation, the sharp-edge turns of acute perception, and the lifting skirt of a playful sensuality. Throw in an empathetic, artistic eye and the wisdom to seek, in particulars, every truth we need to establish, and you have all the makings of deeply pleasurable poetry.' - Judy Johnson
978 1 74027 507 1, 74pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Ten South Australian Poets
Sleeping Under a Grand Piano
'These poems both celebrate and question our place in the world. Their prickling wit and sharp meditations jostle with earthed, visceral images.' - Steve Evans
1 74027 008 8, 72pp, $15.50 BUY NOW

Michael Thorley
Sleeping Alone
'Michael Thorley's poetry combines wit and emotional depth. His ability to handle both traditional and free verse forms is subtle but very impressive and his range is broad and deep.' - Suzanne Edgar
Indigo 978 1 74027 498 2, 76pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Julie Thorndyke
rick rack
This collection of tanka affords the attentive reader a dialogue with the author which is both intimate and universal; a glimpse of the inner world of this sensitive poet and a commentary on the joys and tribulations of human existence. rick rack offers poems of grief and vulnerability, joy and humour, passion and resignation, and the conscious acceptance of transience. Julie Thorndyke's commitment to this genre has earned her international recognition. She is among the leading poets writing tanka in Australia today.
978 1 74027 524 5, 58pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Karen Throssell
The Old King
'...a great debut from a poet who, from the outset, commands attention with her honesty, psychological insight and her emotional assurance.' - John Jenkins
'...powerful work...' - Muse
1 74027 183 1, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Karen Throssell
Remembering How to Cry
Karen Throssell expands on the work for which she was praised in The Old King.
'Karen Throssell undoubtedly has promising talent as a writer.' - Reviews in Australian Studies
1 74027 265 X, 63pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Sarah Tiffen
Learning Country
Poems which vividly evoke the landscape of the Riverina area.
1 74027 334 6, 76pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Sarah Tiffen
Sarah Tiffen's second collection continues to probe the spiritual and social themes revealed in her first book, Learning Country. Stories of her home country, in the western plains of New South Wales, reveal a powerful response to place and a visceral sense of nostalgia, landscape and love.
1 74027 371 0, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Sarah Tiffen
The Light Breaks Open
Sarah Tiffen's third book of poetry is full of the sensual imagery and textured observations for which she is becoming known. The sense of place and people resonates in these stories of life and love, connection to land, the struggle to survive, to belong, to reconcile. Here is Australian work, exploring Australian themes, familiar, yet renewed.
978 1 74027 495 1, 50pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Tuggeranong WORD Group
Postcard from Canberra
A diverse collection of poems and stories by Peter Burbrook, Helen Cunningham, June Foster and Daphne Hargreaves.
1 74027 270 6, 128pp, $22.50 BUY NOW

Louise Wakeling
Medium Security
'...accomplished and overdue...eccentric, unpredictable, smart collection...' - Canberra Times
'...richly rewarding...' - Five Bells
'...lucid, sensuous and charged with meaning...' - Overland
1 74027 169 6, 100pp, $20.00 BUY NOW

Alan Watts
My Mind a Squash Court
The abstract of a squash court, the theme of one of his poems, is indicative of the way that Alan likes to think of the ideas 'bouncing' around in his mind. This leads to a wide range of topics and a freshness in his poetry.
978 1 74027 490 6, 76pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Terry Whitebeach
All the Shamans Work in Safeway
From country Tasmania to the Kimberley, through Central Australia to the pueblos of New Mexico, from Alaska to Antarctica and back again, the everyday shamans of this world have been discovered, living their 'ordinary' magical lives. The poet shape-shifts the language of home, work and school and transforms its joys and despairs, its hopes and humour into celebratory verse.
1 74027 366 4, 61pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Irene Wilkie
Love & Galactic Spiders
Irene Wilkie's work closely observes her environment, human and natural. This first book is a confident and charming debut which will reward the attentive reader.
'An impressive first book from a poet who has a deep interest in getting it right.' - Chris Mansell
' acomplished and polished debut collection - one well worth of discovery.' - Five Bells
1 74027 310 9, 68pp, $18.50 BUY NOW

Jane Williams
Begging the Question
'With their seeking out of common ground between strangers, mothers and daughters, friends and lovers, Jane Williams's poems are full of warmth and delight in being alive. Bullies, funerals and "business as usual" exist here, but so too does the possibility of being "surprised by joy". The language is beautifully sparse and understated, hitting home with sudden images which are startling and powerful. Begging the Question is a book to keep by the bed and read again and again. Its grace and clarity make the world feel a better place.' - Jean Kent
978 1 74027 475 3, 56pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Ray Wilson
The first Australian collection from this English-born Queensland poet.
1 74027 260 9, 52pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Ray Wilson
Alpha & Omega
Ray Wilson was born and brought up in County Durham in the UK. After Durham University and teacher training, he completed his National Service in the Royal Army Educational Corps in Malaya (1956Š58) during the Emergency.
978 1 74027 418 0, 52pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

US poets

Joe Benevento
My Puerto Rican Past
'...amazingly even and accomplished. His poems typify what is best about free verse as it is practised in America.' - Barbara M. Simon, Maryland Poetry Review
1 74027 347 8, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Louis E. Bourgeois
Fragments of a Life Thirty-two Years Gone
A collection by an outstanding new poet.
1 74027 257 9, 41pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Roger Craik
I Simply Stared
Roger Craik's first collection contains poems which cover a wide range of themes and express an engaging variety of voices and moods.
1 74027 163 7, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Roger Craik
Rhinoceros in Clumber Park
Second anthology by this UK-born poet now living and teaching in the USA.
1 74027 207 2, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Roger Craik
The Darkening Green
'These poems are decidedly impatient with bluster, pretence and posture, whether in affairs of the heart, excesses of the academy or the exclamation point!' - Dennis Leavens, Truman State University
1 74027 275 7, 68pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Steve De France
Fear & Loathing at the Typewriter
'...a tremendously talented writer with a gut wrenching, soulful window on the problems of living in our modern world. He belongs with the best poets writing in the English language today.' - Mary Ann Carver
1 74027 359 1, 76pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

William Freedman
Being Them All
A collection of animal poems - fleas to bears - by a poetŹwhose work has appearedŹin some of America's most prestigious journals.
1 74027 345 1, 76pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Matthew Freeman
The Dogtown Poet
'Matt Freeman's first poetry collection is a microscope into the world of an extraordinarily talented schizophrenic.' - Suzanne Shenkman
978 1 74027 382 4, 74pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Matthew Freeman
Desolation on Delmar
Matthew Freeman awakened to find himself a poet at about the same time he first fell in love. An evasion of power structures soon followed, leaving him expelled from school and committed to various psych wards, suffering with schizophrenia. Having performed his poems and songs from Alaska to New York, he now lives in the Loop, in St Louis, where he is a full-time poet, and currently answers to no academy. This is his second book.
978 1 74027 483 8, 62pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Mary Kennan Herbert
Days of Horses, Dreams of Horses
'Mary Kennan HerbertÕs delightful collection of poems lures you in with an inviting style and enchanting rhythm.' - Horses in Art
'...masterful powers of description.' - Long Island University Magazine
1 74027 271 4, 52pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Mary Kennan Herbert
An Inventory of Fragile Knowledge
'The poetry is often a meditation on the act of writing itself, and is at all times imbued with wit, good humour and, above all, love.' - Canberra Times
1 876259 26 4, 44pp, $15.00 BUY NOW

Mary Kennan Herbert
A Path Clearly Marked
A history in verse, by the acclaimed author of An Inventory of Fragile Knowledge.
1 876259 92 2, 40pp, $15.00 BUY NOW

Mary Kennan Herbert
Poet or Perish
'Unswervingly honest about the nuts and bolts of the poetÕs vocation...will be an encouragement to anyone who feels that call, and late starters in particular.' - Christopher Southgate, Exeter University
1 74027 121 1, 64pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Mary Kennan Herbert
Succulent Confessions
More explorations of the wonders and mysteries of life.
1 74027 057 6, 50pp, $15.00 BUY NOW

Mary Kennan Herbert
Another engaging collection from this internationally published poet.
174027 184 X, 72pp, $18.00 BUY NOW

Mark Jackley
Mark Jackley is a business writer in Washington, DC. His poems have appeared in journals in the US, Britain, Australia, and Canada. This is his first published collection.
978 1 74027 413 5, $16.00 BUY NOW

Kathy Macdonald
White Dwarfs
'White dwarfs, the term for stars that begin a billion-year-long cool-down after exhausting their nuclear fuel, is the seamless overriding metaphor for Kathy Macdonald's poems. In her first book, memory burns on long after events: family betrayals and myths fuse her powerful narratives. There is fluidity to her work, in which art and dance and music and the heavens all inform her personal chronicles. White Dwarfs is a beautiful debut.' - Denise Duhamel
978 1 74027 450 0, 56pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Ken Patterson
The AŠZ Poetry of a Stay-at-home Dad
Ken Patterson holds both an AA degree in Journalism from Canada College and a BA degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.
1 74027 348 6, 32pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Brenda Serotte
The Blue Farm
'Poignant, rueful, funny, these memoirs in verse herald an exceptional talent and a highly accomplished debut.' - Peter Schmitt, author of Hazard Duty and Country Airport
1 74027 339 7, 36pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

Lucille Gang Shulklapper
The Substance of Sunlight
Lucille Gang Shulklapper is a workshop leader for the Florida Center for the Book at Broward County Library, an affiliate of the Library of Congress. Her fiction and poetry have been published in The Art Times, Strand Magazine, Curbstone Review, Illya's Honey, Slant and numerous other journals. She is the author of What You Cannot Have, a collection of poems, published by Flarestack Publishing. She lives in Coral Springs, Florida.
1 74027 245 5, 52pp, $15.00 BUY NOW

Chris Wind
Paintings & Sculptures
Chris Wind's poetry has been widely published in Canada in literary magazines and anthologies.
1 74027 307 9, 64pp, $17.50 BUY NOW

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