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A message from Debbie Lee, 1 April 2024: It is with great humility and pride that I take on Ginninderra Press after 28 remarkable years under the peerless stewardship of Stephen Matthews OAM. Ginninderra Press will always reflect Stephen's commitment to quality, and his mission of giving voice to writers, and nurturing creative expression that stimulates, educates and charms. Over time there will be some updates to the website, and some adaptation of process and/or new services on offer; however the core of Ginninderra Press will remain true. I look forward to working with all the wonderful authors, both established and new, that make up the GP family.

The Ginninderra Press story

Ginninderra Press is an award-winning independent publisher based in Port Adelaide, South Australia. In 2021, we celebrated 25 years of publishing.

Ginninderra is part of Canberra's Belconnen area, where Ginninderra Press operated for its first twelve years before moving to Port Adelaide in 2008. Ginninderra is an Aboriginal word said to mean 'throwing out little rays of light'.

Described in
The Canberra Times as 'versatile and visionary', Ginninderra Press was set up in 1996 to provide opportunities for new and emerging authors as well as for authors writing in unfashionable genres or on non-mainstream subjects. In the words of one of our authors, we are 'a small but significant publisher of small but significant books'. Many of our titles have won awards (to see a full list, click here).

Ginninderra Press recognises the fact that many people have good ideas for books but cannot get them published, either because of their inexperience in preparing manuscripts or because the potential sales are insufficient to interest a conventional publisher. Ginninderra Press offers expert editing and proofreading, as well as design and lay out services. To see submission guidelines, click

All our books are now print on demand and all (except for our chapbook series – Pocket Poets and Picaro Poets) are available worldwide through Bookshop.org, Amazon and many others. Ebook editions of most of our titles are also available worldwide through many online sellers.

Ginninderra Press chooses to operate without any direct subsidies from the public purse. The press believes that works requiring subsidies are of their nature likely to be only marginally commercially viable and subsidies encourage over-production. Because it receives no direct subsidies and chooses to publish non-mainstream works, Ginninderra Press of necessity operates on a very limited budget.

Ginninderra Press is owned by Stephen Matthews, who has had extensive experience in teaching, bookselling and editing. After graduating from Cambridge University, Stephen was a teacher in the UK and Australia for nearly twenty years. He then had a very successful bookselling career. Stephen contributed book reviews, author profiles and articles to
The Canberra Times and Australian Book Review for many years. He wrote manuscript reports for several large publishers and was a judge for literary awards and competitions.

Stephen compiled
'How Did the Fire Know We Lived Here?', a best-selling collection of stories about the January 2003 Canberra bushfires which raised over $73,000 for the Bushfire Recovery Appeal. He also edited Eye of the Soul, a collection of interviews with writers for children and young adults.

In 2021, Stephen received an Order of Australia Medal for service to publishing. In 2003, he received a Centenary Medal for his 'contribution to the writing community and ongoing support for local authors'. In October 1997, he won a Canberra Critics Circle Award for Literature for his 'tireless contribution to the writing community'.

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Our philosophy

We believe that all people – not just a privileged few – have a right to participate actively in cultural creation rather than just being passive consumers of mass media. Our culture is revitalised and enriched when everyone is encouraged to fulfil their creative potential and diminished when that creative potential is stifled or thwarted. We love to observe the transformative possibilities for people when they see their work published and acknowledged. Getting published can and does change lives.

Meet Debbie Lee

I have worked within the publishing industry for over 30 years. Commencing as a Trade Sales Rep, I eventually became a Publishing Manager in the tertiary and professional sector. More recently I worked as a senior executive in the print-on-demand and global book distribution arena. In 2023 I established The Book Maven, as an Independent Publishing Consultant helping authors develop their content and successfully publish their work. I am also Festival Director, Melbourne Jewish Book Week, and have managed and curated literary events such as the Small Press Network's Independent Publishing Conference. I am honoured and delighted to serve current and future authors as the owner and publisher at Ginninderra Press. I can be contacted at debbie@ginninderrapress.com.au