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Anne M. Carson / two green parrots

‘Anne Carson's rich lyric poems are the product of a sharp eye, alert to any particular bird, tree or loving gesture. We can almost hear her human subjects, fully alive in their world. In it, love commands a dancing harmony of language, for Anne Carson’s poetry is also music. And her pastoral is immensely detailed. Hers is the art of attentive inspiration. For any reader at all, she will articulate delight.’ - Chris Wallace Crabbe, poet
‘With a painterly eye, Carson’s gaze directs a catalogue of beauty and grief in poems that revel in lyric description of birds, foliage, clouds, rivers, seedpods and trees. Meditative and magisterial, these poems turn to art and music, as well as nature, to list under the weight of human love, tenderness and loss. Slow time accrues.’ - Shari Kocher, poet
978 1 76041 715 4, 84pp
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Janis Spehr / Flowers for the Protestants

‘I’ll tell you a story that’ll knock ya socks off,’ says an old woman in Janis Spehr’s ‘Little Sheilas’, one of the thirteen compelling stories which make up this collection. Most of the stories are located in a domesticated rural landscape which nevertheless retains a haunting, crooked beauty, while some occur in an urban environment which enables women to forge new identities through work and love. The final story in the collection, ‘Portraits from the First Republic’, takes place in Europe between the world wars and signals a new direction in Janis Spehr’s writing. Melancholy and bleak; yearning and lyrical, shot through with flashes of sardonic wit, Flowers for the Protestants is short fiction writing at its finest.
978 1 76041 713 0, 124pp
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Brian H. Jones / The Last Commando

Cruel, backward, isolationist, and fanatically religious—or independent, resourceful, principled, and courageous? This book is about the Boers of the Transvaal; it is about how they were formed, their relentless territorial expansion at the expense of indigenous groups in both the Cape Colony and the Transvaal, their struggle for distinctiveness and independence against Imperial and African pressures, the state that they carved out for themselves, and their abject defeat in the Anglo-Boer War. It is also about how the experiences and world view of the Transvaal Boers shaped the myth and laid the platform for ‘Boerdom resurgent’ (or the Afrikaner ascent) in apartheid South Africa.
978 1 76041 711 6, 200pp
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Julie Thorndyke / Mrs Rickaby’s Lullaby

Mrs Eileen Rickaby, a semi-retired botanical illustrator and Orchid Society member with a penchant for Mozart, lives a quiet ordered life with Missy, her cat. Her tranquillity is disturbed when close friend and neighbour Irene brings home a twice-widowed younger man of dubious character, and introduces him as her future husband. Petty theft, vandalism and violence disrupt the peaceful retirement village. How can Mrs Rickaby protect her friend from this con-man lover? Mrs Rickaby’s Lullaby is an engaging novel of haunting lyricism and gentle humour, exploring the timeless themes of love, loss and widowhood, friendship and belonging.
978 1 76041 709 3, 184pp

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