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The Crow is a quarterly journal showcasing the work of South Australian poets.

The Crow is edited by Joan Fenney and published in March, June, September, December each year.

Contributions are invited only from poets resident or born in South Australia. $5 is paid for each poem published.
Poems should not exceed 30 lines (each stanza break counting as one line) and each line should not exceed 50 characters (each space counting as one character).

Poems should be submitted direct to Joan Fenney.

Subscriptions $16 plus postage ($4 will be added at checkout) for 4 issues starting with the first issue after payment.

Contributors to the June 2020 issue

Bernadette Anderson studied Professional Writing at Adelaide College of the Arts, and her poetry has been published in InDaily, The Mozzie, Tamba, Poetry Matters, The Write Angle and Mindshare. In 2019, she won the Mindshare award for established poets and her first poetry collection, Neapolitan Skies was published by Ginninderra Press.

John Bartlett is the author of three novels, collections of short stories and non-fiction. In 2019, Melbourne Poets Union published his chapbook The Arms of Men, and his Picaro Poets chapbook Songs of the Godforsaken was published last month. His poetry podcasts, Beyond the Estuary, can be found at: https://beyondtheestuary.com/auto-draft/

Martin Christmas has been published in several Australian anthologies, and overseas in Red River Review (USA) as a Featured Poet; StepAway Magazine (UK); and Bindweed (Ireland). His poetry books are Immediate Reflections, The Deeper Inner, D&M Between 2 Men (with Andrew Drake), and Random Adventures (poems and photographs).

Dawn Colsey has been writing poetry for about 30 years and loves reading and writing it, and facilitating groups with other writers. She reads most months at Friendly Street and has published a collection, Pour a Libation, and a chapbook, Jacaranda Song. People, nature and things of the spirit inspire her.

Carolyn Cordon has always had a love of poetry. Childhood brought her father's love of bush ballads, with their rhyme and metre, then English classes at school showed more of the same. After time as an office worker, life intruded more sharply, and poetry became a saving grace.

Andrew Ellison was born in NSW many moons ago. Now retired, he has lived in Adelaide for more than thirty years. He is a passionate gardener, walker, reader, and poetry lover – both reading classical poetry and writing more contemporary verse.

Joan Fenney has been a journalist/researcher for more than thirty years – working in both the print and electronic media. She has published three poetry collections, written the history of Ginninderra Press (Rays of Light) and has edited two GP poetry anthologies, Wild and Mountain Secrets.

Cary Hamlyn is an Adelaide poet who has worked as a documentary film editor in Sydney and a social worker in Adelaide. She is the author of two chapbooks – Scraping the Night (Ginninderra Press, 2016) and Ultrasound in B-Flat (Garron Press, 2017). She has won several prizes, the most notable being the Satura Prize in 2017.

Dr Catherine Howell is an Adelaide poet, translator, and researcher. She has a long-standing interest in the relationship between word and image, and studied comparative literature and visual culture at the Universities of Adelaide, Queensland, and Cambridge, UK. She is a member of the Australian Association for Literary Translation.

Sarah John is from Adelaide but lives in Denmark. She makes performances, installations and other things. She enjoys working collaboratively, across many forms, on projects that dive into big questions. She is particularly interested in invisible things and how to listen to what is hidden beneath, between and within everyday reality.

Jules Leigh Koch was born in Sydney and raised in Adelaide. He has been a recipient of two SA Literature Grants in 2008 and 2011. Jules works at Forbes Primary School with children in special needs education and is also a mentor for writers from the Richard Llewellyn Art and Disability’s Trust.

Martha Landman lives in Adelaide – her work has appeared in anthologies and online journals in the US, UK, South Africa and Australia. Her latest poems have appeared in In Contrast, Sparks of Calliope and Nine Muses Poetry. The Canberra Times and The Poetry Village have accepted her work for future publication.

Gordon McPherson was a Ten Pound Pom, and has lived in SA most of his life. Now retired, he is a member of North Eastern Writers and Friendly Street, and has contributed to both groups’ publications. His poems have been included in GP’s anthologies First RefugeWildMountain Secrets and I Protest!

Dr Annette Marner is an award-winning poet, novelist and fine art nature photographer. Her poetry collection Women with Their Faces on Fire was on the reading list at Flinders University, and her novel A New Name for the Colour Blue has just been released: annettemarner.com

Shaine Melrose is a poet and spoken-word performer. Her poems have appeared in The MozzieInDailyTambaRaining Poetry in Adelaide, Milang Community News and Friendly Street Poets’ anthologies. She was the 2018 runner-up and 2019 finalist in the Goolwa Poetry Cup and finalist in the 2019 SA Summer Slam.

Ann Nadge has published six anthologies, The Barest Record and Corrugations are included in the National Poetry Library in London. Ann is poetry editor of The Guardian. She has edited two Ginninderra Press collections – That Which My Eyes See, about the Heysens; and First Refuge, a collection reflecting social justice issues.

Adrian Rogers is a retired music teacher, poet and author. Ginninderra Press has published six of his poetry collections. His poems have also been included in anthologies and periodicals. Double-Dragon Books in Canada have published four of his fantasy novels, and two have been published by Mountain Mist in Queensland.

David Taylor resides at Henley Beach and his work appears in three anthologies: Wild and Mountain Secrets by Ginninderra Press and Boundaries of the Heart by Galaxy Publications. His first chapbook Life Scraps was published 2017 and his poem ‘Water Soul’ received first prize at the Banjo Paterson Poetry Awards 2019.

Mandy Toczek McPeake is a poet and writer of non-fiction articles. She is writing a family history and has a blog – My Sustainable Garden. During the pandemic, a 30 poems in 30 days online challenge consolidated her confidence as a poet. She loves poetry in all its forms.

Linda Marie Walker is a writer, artist and curator who lives in the south-east of South Australia; she has been published in literary and academic journals in Australia and overseas.

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