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The Crow is a poetry journal edited by Joan Fenney and published in June and December each year.

The Crow incorporates Junior Crow, which features poems by South Australian students in year 8 and upwards.

'The Crow demonstrates clearly that poetry is thriving in South Australia and its future is in capable hands.' – tamba

Submissions for the June issue are open from 1 to 30 April.

Submissions for the December issue are open from 1 to 31 October.

Poems must have no more than 30 lines (each stanza break counting as one line), and each line must have no more than 40 characters (each space counting as one character).

No more than 3 poems may be submitted at any one time. Poems must not have been published elsewhere.

Submissions are invited from any poets living in South Australia and also from poets who live anywhere in Australia (providing they have been previously published by Ginninderra Press).

Junior Crow is open only to submissions from South Australian students in year 8 and upwards.

Poems should be submitted direct to Joan Fenney.

Subscriptions $16 plus postage ($4 will be added at checkout) for 4 issues starting with the first issue after payment.

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