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Magdalena Ball / Unmaking Atoms

  • Magdalena Ball / Unmaking Atoms
‘Compassionate, poignant, otherworldly and profound: this thought-provoking, sometimes raw, collection is accessible contemporary poetry at its zenith of achievement.’ - Mark Logie, author of the poetry collection On the Road to Infinity and the young adult thriller Deadfall
‘Magdalena Ball has assembled a delicate memento mori of our many subtle frames of reference. Her imagery is beautifully structured in heart-breaking threads, and redolent of her intellect, her warmth, and her love of text.’ - Basil Eliades, artist, author of 3rd i and 50IV, and creator of The Men’s Deck
‘The writing is polished and brave. Intellect melds with emotion to soar. Readers will find talisman poems and refer to them again and again.’ - Jan Dean, author of Paint Peels, Graffiti Sings (Flying Island Books, Macau)
978 1 76041 282 1, 190pp




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