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John Passant / Songs for the Band Unformed

  • John Passant / Songs for the Band Unformed
‘It’s rare to receive a collection of poems that explore the possibility of rhymes in their form. These poems wear their rhymes lightly, and with grace, as they make their way through moods and movements, through the passions and anxieties of contemporary life.’ - Jen Webb
‘Here is a sublime collection of poetry, allowing us to reflect on humanity, in its nakedness, tenderness and brutality, carrying us from elegy, dirge, lament to triumphant symphony, from the minor fall to the major lift, with the well tuned dissonances and harmonies of the pen of John Passant.’ - Mili Cifali, songwriter, composer, performer from the duo The Awesome
‘This is a collection of work for our times, sometimes bleak, hard, gritty; but indignant, mobilising and marching against the bombs and profits of injustice. With politically charged insight and humanity, these poems reflect on what is, and softly invoke reflections on what could be, shedding light on the unformed future that we make.’ - Tom Griffiths, Associate Professor of Comparative and Critical Education, University of Newcastle
'Passant’s revolutionary optimism is often tempered with bitter realism born of long life and experience. I’m a keen reader of his astute political analysis and John Passant’s first book of poetry also contains many delights - with a promise of more to come.' - Independent Australia
978 1 76041 194 7, 82pp




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