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Michael Galvin / The Ben Book: A Father\'s Memoir

Michael Galvin / The Ben Book: A Father's Memoir

Benjamin was a textbook case of a boy, and then a young man, with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and what it means to live and die from this disease, in Australia, in suburban Adelaide, at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first.


Nerelle Poroch / Dear Jenny

Nerelle Poroch / Dear Jenny

Dear Jenny is a story of love between two women friends, expressed in phone text messages which became less self-conscious as Jenny’s death approached.


Nerelle Poroch / Eugene\'s Gift

Nerelle Poroch / Eugene's Gift

Eugene’s gift was to come to terms with his own situation in a quiet, courageous way that inspired those around him.


Richard Bell / Such Sweet Sorrow

Richard Bell / Such Sweet Sorrow

'In raw honesty and occasional buffering irony, with unconventional images that startle the reader into fresh acts of perception, this poetry illuminates an intimate journey that touched me with both its universality for all mortal beings and with the ultimate particularity that distinguishes each shared life from all others.' - Robert A. Neimeyer