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Decima Wraxall / Bloom

  • Decima Wraxall / Bloom
Decima Wraxall’s poems mirror moods of the natural world and humanity in a rich diversity of themes and settings. Visit the magnificent and sacred monolith of Uluru in Central Australia, share its secrets. In Peru, fly over the Nazca Lines, ponder on the huge icons of a lost civilisation. Savour moving paeans, paying tribute to the courage of those facing their own mortality. Share the pain of saying goodbye, juxtaposed against the frantic dating dance - alone - by a woman past her prime. Ageing is explored in its many dimensions, with a side dish of exuberance from the very young. Reflect on hardships of the frontier days. Imagine the dispossessed watching civilisation emerge with swords and muskets, indigenous rituals and ceremonies ignored as savage. Above all, the universal shines through in this thoughtful collection.
Decima Wraxall’a ‘ love and understanding of the beauty of words shines through in this vibrant collection of poems.’ - Tamba
978 1 76041 696 6, 130pp




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