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Gillian Telford / An Indrawn Breath

  • Gillian Telford / An Indrawn Breath
‘The poems of An Indrawn Breath travel the continent and beyond - through road trips, wilderness, visual art, crime scenes, haircuts, and the complex landscapes of the heart. Telford’s voice is intimate, poised and compassionate. She knows poetry “is a precious metal / only mallets and hammers / can fashion its curves”. But her tools are unobtrusive - the precise music of these poems is always in service to their humanity. Before you know it, they may well take your breath away.’ - Andy Jackson
‘There is a refreshing clarity of image and refinement of purpose in Gillian Telford’s poetry that frees her language from convention. These sculpted verses are assured; they give voice to the uncertainty of the mind, to the fragility of our journey with nature. An Indrawn Breath is a wise, accomplished, courageous book. It walks a tightrope across the landscapes of memory and forgetting.’ - Michelle Cahill
978 1 92169 176 8, 92pp




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