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Brenda Eldridge / Homespun Tapestry

  • Brenda Eldridge / Homespun Tapestry
As a child I drove my mother to distraction with my constant question, Why? After a stream of these endless whys I can still hear her exasperated voice saying, ‘Why because.’ and I knew that was the time to stop - at least for a while. Nothing has changed. I am still asking questions. These days I know there are no specific answers but it can be fun exploring possibilities. Wise woman or philosopher? Is there a difference? I have no piece of paper that says I’m qualified to be either or both, but my life has been an amazing journey of experiences and in this collection of essays I am using them to try and understand the world I live in and perhaps be more aware of how I might be affecting others.
'…a series of life-centred, reflective essays in an elegant yet emotionally penetrating style… I heartily recommend this beautiful collection of essays, these reflections on a life lived, through all its lit and shadowed moments.' - Beyond the Rainbow
978 1 76041 231 9, 58pp, $18.00




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