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Barbara Fisher / Rescued From Time

  • Barbara Fisher / Rescued From Time
Barbara Fisher, who lives in Sydney, has worked as an illustrator, copywriter, editor, art teacher and an antiquarian bookseller. Although born in NSW, she spent part of her childhood inEngland and, later, with her architect husband returned there to live in London for several years. It was not until l995 that she focused on writing (and reading) poetry, although years earlier she had published a few memorable poems. Encouraged by her ‘rediscovery' by Peter Coleman and attendance at Ron Pretty’s celebrated poetry workshops at Wollongong University in 1999, she was awarded a Varuna mentorship with Kevin Brophy. Other awards have included the Bauhinia and the Grenfell Henry Lawson Prizes. In 2001 she was a finalist in the Gwen Harwood Prize and took second prize in the NSW Society of Women Writers' 2004 National Poetry Competition. In 2014 she was shortlisted for the inaugural Second Bite Poetry Competition. In this, her fourth book, she addresses diverse subjects ranging from literature and art to the natural world, traveI, food, family, and narratives of colonial days and the migrant experience.
‘Barbara Fisher has a highly personal way of seizing an historicaI moment or a daily event and transforming it into a striking image or reflective occasion. Her individual voice and fidelity to her own vision and experience have won her an increasing following among readers of Australian poetry.’ – VivianSmith
‘The poems…demonstrate aspects of poetry I admire: empathy, wit and an edgy alertness… She writes on matters of enduring interest, and her reflections convey attractive elements of her sophisticated framing of human concerns.’ – Michael Sharkey
978 1 76041 233 3, 108pp, $20.00




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