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Minnie Biggs / Shards of Ice: Antarctica - Death Survival Grief

  • Minnie Biggs / Shards of Ice: Antarctica - Death Survival Grief
Shards of Ice is about Antarctica, the death of a beloved husband and grief. Written in fragments, Shards of Ice interweaves experiences of the author’s trips to Antarctica - the first was soon after her husband died - and stories of the early explorers, in the form of snapshots rather than linear history. There is a section on the Red Desert, central Australia, another spiritual home of the author’s, contrasting with the southern white desert. And significant reflection about the four years of her husband’s decline, his death and her grief. The growing demographic of Baby Boomers will be facing dying and grief sooner than they expect. Shards of Ice provides pathways and experience, and asks questions.
'Shards of Ice is a book I didn't want to put down. Minnie grabbed my wholehearted attention from the first page. I loved how her words moved me, stimulated all my senses of emotion and imagination; each paragraph complete, unto itself. I felt deeply moved as she drew me into her life, her love, her grief, her aliveness, leaving me with a sense of both beauty and the wholeness that living a full-on life brings.' - Richard Miller PhD, author of The iRest Program for Healing PTSD and iRest Meditation
'If I'm ever in the position of mourning a partner, I would want this as my guidebook, seeing how Minnie handled all the little reminders of them not being there any more, and the things she found the hardest. Hers would be a strong guiding hand to take.' - Hawkesbury Gazette
978 1 76041 061 2, 198pp




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