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Michael Thorley / Sleeping Alone

  • Michael Thorley / Sleeping Alone
Variety is the word that probably best summarises this collection: variety of form and feeling, subject matter and mood. Using poetic forms and styles from free verse to the sonnet, from the Japanese tanka to the French triolet, the poems touch the larger issues of life - loss, ageing and war - as well as the mundane and everyday - motels, malls and mowing. From delight in the natural world (and mixed delight at the everyday) to the esoterica of spit-polishing and bait-hunting, they are meditative, wry, serious or light-hearted.
‘Michael Thorley’s poetry combines wit and emotional depth. His ability to handle both traditional and free verse forms is subtle but very impressive and his range is broad and deep.’ - Suzanne Edgar
978 1 74027 498 2, 76pp




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