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Avijit Sarkar / A Turn of Events

  • Avijit Sarkar / A Turn of Events
A Turn of Events is a collection of fourteen short stories that will take you into the world of Indian migrants to Australia. Each story explores a different aspect of Indian culture in Australia, and the characters expose the social, cultural, financial and psychological issues that this diaspora is often confronted with. These are tales of daily life woven around racism, domestic violence, murder, ambition, fear, mystery and superstition. The father who wanted the son to be a ‘true blue’ Aussie… The man who burnt the Australian flag… The Punjabi lady caught in the throes of a violent household in Sydney… The fatal astrological prediction about the death of a South Indian man… The ‘most affordable’ Indian private investigator and the case of a cheating wife… The bloke with a penchant for a healthy wife… The mysterious holy man from India on a visit to Australia… The tales expose the innermost feelings, aspirations and beliefs of a community that is often immersed in traditional and conservative ties to their country of origin.
Avijit Sarkar is a writer, poet, musician and illustrator from Sydney. He publishes The Mind Creative, a free monthly ezine that deals with everything that falls under the ubiquitous umbrella of creativity. Avijit has been writing prose and poetry for over fifteen years and has been in the music industry for over forty years. This is his first collection of short stories.
'…a must read for all lovers of short fiction, embellished aptly with clever word play and heart-warming witticisms.' - Dr Santosh Bakaya
978 1 76041 263 0, 128pp




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