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Ian McFarlane / Of Cheese and Chutney

  • Ian McFarlane / Of Cheese and Chutney
Essays, selected from Voice magazine, on a diverse range of issues, from the human rights of refugees, Indigenous reconciliation and the environment, to global conflict and economic rationalism. The elegantly expressed passion of the twenty-one pieces attacks the moral vacuum of right-wing arrogance with a search for humanity.
‘The thrust of the essays is no less powerful for being pushed forward by passionate belief rather than by a cooler approach to concepts and structure.’ - Canberra Times
‘The world-weary idealism of Ian McFarlane’s thoughtful essays on the Howard years deserves to reach a wider audience. He examines everything...from writing, the media, cricket, war and refugees’ rights with a keen intellect and discerning conscience and, despite the dark nature of some of the subject matter, a quirky sense of fun.’ - Judges’ report, ACT Writing & Publishing Awards 2010
Highly commended, Non-fiction, ACT Writing & Publishing Awards 2010
978 1 74027 583 5, 72pp




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