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Myra King / The Diaries of Velvet Brown

  • Myra King / The Diaries of Velvet Brown
Half-caste is what the bullies call her, like she isn’t complete, but the taunts are the least of Velvet Brown’s problems. A disloyal friend, a long distance romance which is no longer working, a crazy colt that has to be ridden and a hidden threat which is slowly being revealed, pose far greater challenges. Velvet must quickly fine tune her abilities to save herself, and the ones she loves, from death or worse.
‘A compelling world of an insightful teenager with a keen sense of adventure, an instinctive bond with horses and a spellbinding mission to pursue.’ - Joanna Campbell, UK award-winning author of Tying Down the Lion and Estuary Road
Praise for The Journey of Velvet Brown: ‘A pacy exciting ride through a book layered with crime, special abilities, mystery - and horses.’ - Paddy O’Reilly
978 1 76041 301 9, 238pp




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