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Pat Lee / Nudge the Morning

  • Pat Lee / Nudge the Morning
‘Pat Lee’s poetry often reflects her respect and reverence for the things of the natural world. She has an artist's eye for landscape and a Wordsworthian ability to paint it in lyric poetry. Many of her images and word choices have an inevitability about them, a surety that is enviable. Hers is a poetic voice that is true and trustworthy.’ - Louise Nicholas
‘Pat Lee’s Nudge the Morning is a collection of poetry I found to be the work of the natural poet. Throughout there is a lyricism and landscaping from a once more pastoral time, mixed seamlessly with those of today’s both urban and urbane one. Chosen word, inspired subject and thought, accompany throughout any mastery of craft or means ‒ which are also fully there by the way. Her titling, which can be a hugely neglected art in itself these days, alone draws the reader to each poem. Lee is a poet that not only sees her subjects so well, but one that can take that next vital step ‒ of conveying things to the reader, indeed fully as she did see them herself. Her work is simply a pleasure to read.’ - John Miles
'…the poems have their own voices, rich and varied. Many…celebrate, explore, observe, warn - their focus is the natural world. There are others that observe closely a variety of individuals… Time and its passing are the subject of the last section.' - Studio
978 1 76041 311 8, 110pp




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