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Elizabeth Goodsir / It Can Take Till Now

  • Elizabeth Goodsir / It Can Take Till Now
Elizabeth has made cards, restyled fairy tales, kept journals, penned love letters, told stories to children and grandchildren, written memoirs and created poetry for as long as she remembers. The harvest of this passion for making and marking is the love her grandchildren have for writing. It Can Take Till Now is a lyrical mix of voices exploring moments of whimsy, curiosity, gratitude and pure delight. More than a collection of poetry, this collection captures the story of a family over four generations.
‘The chronicle of a life and a family told through moments of insight offers wisdom to us all. The skill of the poet to condense complex experience into such rare and potent words opens a window into the inner world of everyone. Elizabeth Goodsir achieves this with such heart and humour that we can feel kinder and wiser to have known her and through her know ourselves. I recommend this rich and welcoming experience to all lovers of life and family.’ - Aurora Hammond BSocWk, MA Psych
‘Elizabeth and Bruce have been in my life for thirty years. In that time I have observed a family whose love for art and beauty and experimenting and exploring has been inspiring and relentless. In It Can Take Till Now, Elizabeth's written wisdom is not misspent moralising. Instead it is offered with open hands, and sits beautifully beside Bruce's drawings that capture life in all its quivering glory. We simply glide into the hearts of these two artists. What can be more meaningful than reading odes about family and the close friends who define our short time on earth. Poems such as ‘Birthing day’, ‘Reunion’ and ‘Farewell Sweet Neighbour’ remind us where poetry needs to sit: in our breast pocket close to our hearts.’ -Neeta Oakley BA, BSW, GradCert. HHS
978 1 76041 704 8, 220pp




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