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Greg Tome / Watching from the Shadows

  • Greg Tome / Watching from the Shadows
‘Greg Tome’s poetry is always immediate and felt. His responses to the immediacy and intimacy of daily living are counterpoints to those poems in which he explores the pain of the human condition and, ultimately, indicate how the personal and the communal are inextricably entwined.’ - Trish Topp
‘Greg Tome was a secondary school teacher, and a close observer of history and the foibles of mankind. His poetry covers many aspects of the human condition, from the whimsical to the tragic. In his writings he makes use of an extensive range of styles and approaches. All his work is characterised by a keen eye for the unusual, by an unexpected turn of phrase and always by a sensitivity to the nuances of carving out an existence on this planet.’ - John Dixon
‘In his poetry, Greg Tome retrieves and cleverly explores universal subjects the contemporary reader contemplates. Economical with words, his writing is accessible and pleasurable to read.’ - Dr Geoff Cains
978 1 76041 335 4, 92pp




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