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Colleen Keating / Fire on Water

  • Colleen Keating / Fire on Water
“The lyrical poems in this anthology invite reader participation and ongoing reflection on themes that are relevant to us all. They dig below the surface but remain accessible and vibrant. Love shines through, from marital to that conferred by grandparenting. It flows out to encompass the vexing and heartrending question of the homeless; those displaced by war and politics, and powerless to defend themselves. The challenges of advancing years are realistically addressed in terms of downsizing, and the sale of the family home and possessions treasured over decades; the need for re-evaluation of what matters most. Nature is celebrated and the small bright moments that each day can grant to those who pause and look around them. History moves into present tense, ‘finds cracks - lets the light shine in’.” - Beverley George
“I have been reading Colleen Keating’s poems for many years now and always with pleasure. Colleen has a distinctive Australian voice that combines sensitivity with clear, powerful free verse. Her images are both striking and profound. She has the ability to bring the natural world to life and is able to give a personality to a whole landscape. So her poems are imbued with a spirit of place for both the natural and man-made environments. These poems are both moving and wise, underpinned by a gentle spirituality from a woman’s perspective.” - John Egan
“Colleen Keating’s second collection of poetry teases and tantalises. It explores the inexpressible with delightful moments of discovery. Colleen gives us a spirit of hope in a troubled world.” - Decima Wraxall
978 1 76041 351 4, 122pp




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