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Ray Clift / The Publisher's Acronym

  • Ray Clift / The Publisher\'s Acronym
Edgar Williams is lost after the tragic death of his wife Jackie and can’t find a way to shake off the black dog. Therapy doesn’t help. His spiritual son Joe suggests leaving it to God. However, he returns to his boxing club, fellowship with the Freemasons, and his Geelong RSL, which help to fill in the hours of loss. A friend suggests a medium, who tells him of some remarkable developments to come in his life. When intruders ransack his home, Edgar hits the main offender with a golf club, putting him in a coma. In court, Edgar calls the judge fig jam (the acronym of the book’s title) and runs away. Finally he is arrested and - unwilling to apologise to the over-bearing judge - goes to gaol. But happier times are on the horizon and an unexpected turn of events sends Edgar on a path which he never envisaged.
978 1 76041 355 2, 64pp




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