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Ian Alexander / Second Son

  • Ian Alexander / Second Son
He is just one of many in the refugee camp: an old man, his wife dead, compelled to revisit the past. Unfortunately, what he finds is what he had known all along.
It is the only story there is, ever since God looked with favour on Abel and not on Cain: Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated; Ishmael is sent out into the desert, while Isaac becomes the heir; Solomon's older brother must die before he can be born to rule. The first-born dies, the second inherits: he should not have been surprised. Inherits what? I never thought to ask.
It was never going to be easy being Jesus’s younger brother, especially when the woman you love only has eyes for him. Just ask Judas, the Second Son.
Ian Alexander was born in Sydney in 1963. In 1998, he moved to Porto Alegre in search of the meaning of life, to whom he is now married. He works as a teacher and translator and is currently studying for a doctorate in comparative literature.
978 1 74027 455 5, 64pp




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