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John Egan / Crossing the Heads

  • John Egan / Crossing the Heads
‘It is a gift to take time to notice, and another to bring one’s observations into creative verse. John Egan does both with craft and conciseness. He peacefully explores his world in all its potential and limitations. It is this note of quiet, unruffled integrity that makes his poetry a pleasant reading experience. We are fortunate to have the strength of his imagery to bring our Australian urban landscapes alive. We look about us anew as a result of John’s penmanship.’ - Colleen Keating
‘In this new collection, John Egan demonstrates again his tender perception coupled with a poet’s sensibility and an appreciation of the contradictions of the human condition. Whether responding to his favoured urban streetscapes or to the contrasts and spectacle of the natural world, John brings his trademark use of simile, and the inspiration of an educator, to craft fine and evocative poems. A joy for the reader.’ - David Atkinson
‘John Egan is a poet of brilliant images. We gasp with delighted recognition when he takes us to a familiar landscape, and know it more deeply because, by giving us words we could not have found for ourselves, he shows us the way to a new experience.’ – Robin Hillard, Polestar Writers Journal
John Egan is a Sydney poet who also spends much of his time at his property on the south coast of NSW. He was a high school teacher of English and History for twenty-two years and then a teacher of English as a Foreign Language and University Preparation, as well as Business English, for eighteen years. His chapbook Not the Rain, the Wind was published by the Melbourne Poets Union and two later collections, Lines Continue For Ever and The Long Way Home, are published by Ginninderra Press, who have also published the five chapbooks in the Reworkings series, as well as four other chapbooks, Sydney Central, Play It Louder, Putting To Sea and A Safe Harbour. He considers himself a poet of memory and the sea but also writes about the natural world, the urban environment and social issues.
978 1 76041 375 0, 130pp




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