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Rose Helen Mitchell / Whispering Shadows

  • Rose Helen Mitchell / Whispering Shadows
This collection evokes situations confronting ordinary people in their ordinary lives. The author creates images of loss, love, hatred and warmth of particular characters in particular places as far apart as Scotland and Australia. Against a background haunted by Destiny, people are led or pushed by emotions into a stream of experiences. In ‘Whispering Shadows’ we learn about the significance of an invitation to a dinner dance during World War II and how it shaped the life of the unnamed narrator. In ‘Legacy’ we read about the influence of alcohol on the lives of four young brothers. ‘Inheritance’ and ‘Foxy Ladies’ bring a lighter tone to the collection to balance other weightier issues. Based on her close observation of the human condition, Rose Helen Mitchell’s stories reveal uncanny insights into the emotional state of characters who could be someone the reader knows.
Rose Helen Mitchell is Scottish-born. She coloured her life by immigrating to Canada,where her writing career began. In 1974 she arrived in Adelaide. Writing became a passion and in 2004 she was admitted to the Degree of Master of Arts (Creative Writing) at the University of Adelaide.
978 1 74027 849 2, 90pp




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