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Jane Williams / Parts of the Main

  • Jane Williams / Parts of the Main
'Jane Williams’s Parts of the Main is her chemistry, abuzz in a murmuration of organic electrons that at once forms memory, then problems of translation - not solely of words, but in comprehending our modernity. These shape-shifting poems are an assignation of author to grace - with it, with her, we travel to Europe, her youth, to longings of elsewhere and an ever developing raison d’être.' - Kent MacCarter
'Jane Williams is a poet who leans out of the frame, who turns your ear if not your head. In Parts of the Main we are caught - sometimes caught out - by her "days of blue and banter", "eyeball spoils of war", trees "falling like the bones of oracles". She writes the tender, the vulnerable, the unshowable. Sometimes there is a touch of the brogue. Jane Williams answers the question "Will poetry be enough?" Convincingly.' - Lizz Murphy
'Jane Williams is one of those poets whose work becomes progressively more engaging and interesting as years, and books, pass… In poetry's house of many mansions these belong in the wing kept aside for calm, free verse meditations usually hung on some item of personal experience.' - Australian Poetry Review
'Seductive indeed is Williams’s deftly-crafted poetry: a generous feast of verbal victuals which should sate the appetite of those readers who long for the flavours of home spiced with the occasional exotic ingredient obtained from afar.' - StylusLit
978 1 76041 385 9, 106pp




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