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Thérèse Corfiatis / Absence of Clouds

  • Thérèse Corfiatis / Absence of Clouds
Thérèse Corfiatis seeks out beauty and spirit in simple things: the curl of a wave, the flight of cockatoos ‘yellow-flecked tails flashing / like airborne sunflowers’ (‘Black Cockatoos’). She searches for ancestral homeland and belonging - ‘my dispossession torn away / a birthing wound healed up’ (‘The Bridge at Csíkrákos’) - and presents them to the reader with wonder, honesty and freshness.  
Thérèse Corfiatis lives in Ulverstone, on Tasmania's beautiful north-west coast, where her deep love of landscape has inspired many of the poems in this collection. She was born in Hobart and has lived in Adelaide.
978 1 76041 393 4, 70pp




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