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Zenda Vecchio / Diamonds in the Grass

  • Zenda Vecchio / Diamonds in the Grass
I don't take photographs. Or paint. Instead I use words as my medium - my way of capturing what I see and turning it into something meaningful. My hope is that the reader too will be able to see what I have seen, feel what I have felt. This is of course the essence of communication.
Zenda Vecchio is an award-winning short story writer and poet whose work has been published in a variety of literary journals and magazines. She has also had two young adult novels published and a novel for adults, The Swan's Egg. She has had two chapbooks featuring her poems, but this is her first full-length poetry collection.
'Zenda’s poems are beautiful and each one is a part of her, the essence of her. In Diamonds in the Grass she writes about what she loves: nature, birds, horses, light and even jigsaw puzzles are some of the subjects she chooses… All Zenda’s poems are beautifully crafted with just enough words - none are wasted - and her imagery is beautiful.' - Jill Gower
'Zenda Vecchio's poetry can be whimsical but it is always beautiful, even when it deals with difficult subjects.' - Polestar
978 1 76041 397 2, $18.00




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