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Philip Radmall / Earthwork

  • Philip Radmall / Earthwork
Philip Radmall’s poems have been published in many anthologies and literary magazines in Australia and the UK. The poems in this collection articulate our emotional incursions into the landscape around us; how we measure our experiences of change and growth, how we resist and endure, with the land as backdrop. Poems here have been praised as ‘thrilling with a supple and graceful rhythm and movement that leads to a tentative knowledge of what it means to be human’ (Jennifer Harrison and Kim Cheng Boey); for sometimes ‘reaching deep into the historical past - which is unusual in Australian poetry’ (Dennis Haskell and Jean Kent), and for ‘interrogating the depths of relationship with the lightest of touches… Deft, deep, subtle and fine work’ (Mark Tredinnick and Anna Kerdijk-Nicholson). The poems lay out the ground we tread and connect to physically and philosophically, as they venture into our feelings about ourselves and others as we travel across.
978 1 76041 399 6, 96pp




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