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Raymond Evans / Half Century

  • Raymond Evans / Half Century
‘Raymond Evans’s poetry sings with lyricism. His poems melt and explode with love, lust and clear-eyed honesty, revealing the beautiful and brutal undercurrents of a passionate life.’ - Venero Armanno
‘This collection offers a powerful and touching insight into the interior life of a well-regarded Queensland historian. Poignant childhood memories, everyday personal observations, commitment to truth in history-telling, the intricacies of love, involvement in humanitarian and political activism…these are all here, described in poetry that is authentic, unpretentious and fired straight from the hip.’ - Linda Stevenson
‘Raymond’s poems provide an intimate glimpse into the challenges, hardships and sensual pleasures of a well-lived life. Sometimes they serve to illuminate one’s own experiences. At others, the poetry carries one away on a compelling journey. Their emotional provocation and illustrative skill fashion an evocative and hypnotic pastiche of writings that transport the reader to worlds far beyond the anticipated and familiar. That is what these poems do.’ - Em O. Tomasi
‘Lost in deep thought as I imagine Evans’s Bardon boyhood as he floats tin canoes down the neighbourhood stream. The detail commands that no stone is left unturned as magical adventures take shape and Brisbane beckons.’ - Fiona Foley
‘Raymond Evans’s Half Century brims full of humble treasures. His fifty “personal and political” narrative poems take us on a journey through time and space - from the adventures of a Welsh migrant boy arriving in the raw new land of Australia; to the burgeoning sexuality and social awareness of a teenager exploring the freedom of the 1960s; to the grown man’s deepening realisation of his role in history, society, and relationships. All recounted with humour, compassion and wisdom. A delight.’ - Michele Seminara
978 1 76041 413 9, 134pp




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