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David Harris / In a Subjunctive Mood

  • David Harris / In a Subjunctive Mood
‘Quizas,’ she said. ‘Perhaps. It takes the subjunctive case.’
A light-bulb moment - of course it does. It expresses something uncertain, imagined, unreal with words like possibly, maybe or ‘once upon a time’. While some of the poems in this book were triggered by real events, others are pure imagination. Many have been presented within the folk scene, where poetry must be understandable and, hopefully, funny. Some are simple reporting of amazing, but real, events. Others stretch into the supernatural. Some pick up on the quirky, such as fortuitous misspelling or parody of the well-known. And, of course, there are poems of love and loss. In this volume you will find poems to make you laugh or make you cry, poems which will match your mood, or change it, and poems to simply relax with.
978 1 76041 434 4, 60pp




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