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Joe Dolce / On Murray's Run: Poems & Lyrics

  • Joe Dolce / On Murray\'s Run: Poems & Lyrics
‘Renowned songwriter Joe Dolce has long outgrown the pop lyric and moved into a risky domain where recitative, comedy, folk and slapstick build shelters for themselves among social commentary and the poetry of lists. He has a foot, or feet, in diverse realms serious and entertaining and has resolved that he will never record another song that has not been first published as a stand-alone poem. No colleague to his knowledge has yet ventured into this territory yet its potentials for escape from the shiftily High Serious and the narrow criteria of academic critique are obvious. Wit, and the songwriter’s freedoms of seeing one’s creations recorded by others, are possible bases for a jazz-like shift in the profession of poetry, and music remains available to float logjams that commentary is apt to desiccate. Since coming to Quadrant as a regular contributor, he has built a real following for his work, and we’ll miss him when his vogue spreads beyond our pages.’ - Les Murray
978 1 76041, 419 1, 210pp, $30.00




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