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Anthony J. Langford / Pseudo Stars

  • Anthony J. Langford / Pseudo Stars
Discover why a Japanese family are forced to live on a staircase; an elderly woman’s routine slips into anarchy; a teenage couple’s taunting backfires; environmental terror at a Antarctic resort; a threesome goes wildly wrong and more. Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans. A multifarious mix of stories from satire to tragedy, depicting fancies and failures and the pathways in-between.
‘Langford humanises the dehumanised. Pseudo Stars will make you see people with a new perspective.’ - Pete Malicki, author and playwright
‘From the environmental chaos of the “Last Ice Shelf”, to a poignant journey along “The Long Jetty”, Pseudo Stars takes you to places rarely ventured.’ - Lucy Neville, author
978 1 76041 440 5, 122p




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