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Maureen Mendelowitz / The Rock

  • Maureen Mendelowitz / The Rock
It is South Africa in the early years of the scourge of the apartheid system, its prejudices and injustices affecting the fabric of the society. Against this background is the thwarted love affair of Daniel and Maryssa, two young people from traumatic backgrounds. Daniel is a brilliant young doctor who is unable to admit to himself the love he has for Maryssa, and to take responsibility for their relationship. His actions are profoundly influenced by the negative impact from his childhood of his parents’ unhealthy marriage. Maryssa’s father is an abusive alcoholic. Her way of coping is to withdraw into herself. She is reticent and uncomplaining, accepting and forgiving - until pushed to the brink. Their ensuing relationship is one of frustration and insecurity, of passion and pain. But underlying this is a deep and unquestionable love for each other, a love that is unable to be resolved.
978 1 76041 444 3, 116pp




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