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Vicki Simos / The Boxer Within

  • Vicki Simos / The Boxer Within
Based on true events, this story is set predominantly in Adelaide, and takes a trip down memory lane to my childhood home of Barmera in the Riverland, 222 kilometres north of Adelaide. Born in 1974 to Greek migrants, the youngest of three, my need to fit in has always been a challenge, but did I need to? My siblings were always the popular ones, never having to try, but what is the need really about? I always struggled to find my place, from adolescence to adulthood, and not too much has changed - well, not until I was introduced to the world of martial arts, specifically boxing. Boxing was never my first choice, and never something I had considered doing, but something pulled me towards it. It wasn’t really a choice; it was just something I had to do. This was not a smooth ride, but through a dedicated instructor who saw my potential, a group of friends made along the way, and support from my family, especially my siblings, I learnt a valuable lesson, that by not giving up and by believing in yourself, you can achieve anything. Getting to this point was never going to be easy, and I still struggle, but it’s not without small achievements along the way. After years of self-doubt and self-deprecation, I made many discoveries about who I was: getting angry in my twenties, finding it difficult to commit, having to learn why friendships were so important to me, and recognising who I want to be - a confident, strong person who considers herself worthy of all the best life has to offer. Not without some laughter and tears, this is not only a story about boxing; it’s about finding the passion within, finding something that moves you, when all seems lost. It’s about what lies beneath, beyond a person’s heart and soul. It’s about finding ‘the boxer within’.
978 1 76041 452 8, 152pp




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