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Ian Coulls / Where the Hell is Heaven?

  • Ian Coulls / Where the Hell is Heaven?
Where the Hell is Heaven? is another collection of dark-humoured short stories, sometimes whimsical, sometimes passionate, about a variety of relationships set in different times and cultures. The stories tell of someone having it in for you in a foreign country, violence in the education system, navigation under difficult circumstances in a large city, becoming part of history in a rural community, drinking in the education system, how people can resemble seagulls after the demise of a loved one, the resolution of differences of opinion in the family, how old ladies can make you feel foolish when you’ve been drinking, the family that preys together stays together, how some people can behave inappropriately when others take their clothes off, more violence in the education system, and heavenly copulation on a celestial level.
978 1 76041 459 7, 66pp




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