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Margo Poirier / A Previous Life

  • Margo Poirier / A Previous Life
Dick, a disillusioned husband and lawyer living in a middle-class 1997 London suburb, stands dressed in period costume on a railway platform. Dick is convinced he is in the middle of a dream but his adventures become ever more curious, tantalising and amazingly real! He shares a compartment with some country folk travelling to old London Town. On arrival and confused by his surroundings, Dick meets magistrate Henry Fielding, who kindly offers him lodgings in this year of 1779. As he looks for answers within the mystery of his unbelievable journey, he comes across a crude poster nailed to a tree, with the image of a girl wanted for witchcraft. The face is disturbingly familiar and when he meets by chance a dark Gypsy woman, the mystery deepens and he is taken into realms he could only have dreamed of…surely.
This is Margo Poirier’s first novel. Her previous publications include two poetry anthologies, A Sign of the Times and Moon Shards (Mulberry Hill Publications); Unzipped, a collection of short stories (Ginninderra Press); and two poetry chapbooks, Et Cetera and Wellspring (Ginninderra Press). Since the beginning of her writing career, she has also been published in various university poetry anthologies, Friendly Street publications and radio broadcasts. She has successfully run creative writing classes and currently writes full time preparing another poetry anthology and a second book of short stories.
978 1 76041 474 0, 164pp




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