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Betty McKenzie-Tubb / Word Fall

  • Betty McKenzie-Tubb / Word Fall
Word Fall demonstrates Betty McKenzie-Tubb’s love and mastery of language in very accessible poems written in various styles. The book also reveals the poet’s wisdom, compassion and her wry, often self-deprecating sense of humour. The collection is arranged in three sections: Loss and Love, With Serious Intent and Froth and Bubble. I was moved to tears, deep contemplation or laughter as I read these poems that have arisen from a rich and well-lived life.’ - Robyn Mathison
‘The poems in Word Fall capture Betty McKenzie-Tubb’s refreshing and warm hearted style. In a voice both unafraid and elegant, she offers her wit and wisdom with open hands. Curiosity, understanding and insight are crafted into disciplined lines provoking laugher or deep reflections. We travel with the writer as she gleans and gathers stories from each facet of her round and ready life. This precious collection is both moving and uplifting.’ - Elizabeth Goodsir
978 1 76041 503 7, 62pp




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