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Cassandra O'Loughlin / Taking My Breath

  • Cassandra O\'Loughlin / Taking My Breath
“This a stunning late debut, a memorable cache of poems of mature, quiet and numinous power that has waited a lifetime to be written. They draw their inspiration and insights from the deep earth, from the artesian well of time and memory, and map ways of connection with the land, and with the forgotten places within the soul. Poems like ‘Driving Inland’ and ‘Touch and Flow’ simply took my breath away, their journeys through brilliantly observed landscapes answering the question that the poems pose so beautifully and heartbreakingly: ‘The tiny dash between birth and death / is all we have on this earth. / Where do I go from here?’” - Kim Cheng Boey
978 1 76041 499 3, 68pp




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