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Kathryn Fry / Green Point Bearings

  • Kathryn Fry / Green Point Bearings
"The poems in Green Point Bearings traverse much wider geographic, historical and emotional territory that the collection’s title might imply. They exhibit a consistent, coherent voice and sensibility which are alive to beauty, to the natural world, to art, and to the joys and pains of intimate relationships. These are tactile poems whose lush and detailed imagery encourages the reader to plot a path among ‘the unbounded and the ageless’." - Brook Emery
"There is marvellous vitality in Kathryn Fry’s poems: delight with the world, expressed with clarity and musicality. Her vivid observations, crafted with sensitivity and candid emotion, make this a refreshingly engaging collection." - Jean Kent
"…a beautiful, tender and consistently powerful first poetry collection." - Compulsive Reader
978 1 76041 512 9, 90pp




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