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Jill Gower / Winkle Pickers & Brothel Creepers

  • Jill Gower / Winkle Pickers & Brothel Creepers
‘Jill Gower’s poems take us on journeys ' back into her own past; into foreign countries; into the natural world of the bush and her garden which she so obviously loves and into the lives of others. Jill can recount a memory, evoke sympathy or capture a particular moment in time with honesty, colourful description or deft haiku. Jill also takes us on trains ' and it is within her observations of fellow travellers and travelling companions (the man who “sat down, stood up, sat down” and Petra, who “didn’t have a window”) that I find the quirky humour which makes these poems my favourites in this collection.’ - Judy Dally
978 1 76041 514 3, 96pp




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