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David Atkinson / The Ablation of Time

  • David Atkinson / The Ablation of Time
'The Ablation of Time is a delight. An astonishing variety of birds flit among the pages, and the rural countryside is never far from view. David Atkinson has the rare ability to capture in words those significant moments that make us pause and think.' - Ron Wilkins
'David Atkinson is a poet of fine distinctions in subject and in language. He writes of Australian rural life with a critical but reverent attitude stemming from an intimate knowledge of the joy and menace of growing up in the country. David’s poems are a rich blend of the most profound and intense experience with a great optimism and faith in human nature. He writes in clear, precise English which is powerful and moving in its simplicity.' - John Egan
'Whether capturing scenes from a rural childhood or reflecting on landscape and fauna, David Atkinson’s poetry abounds with fresh connections and acute observations. The Ablation of Time bears witness not only to a deeply poetic sensibility but also to the intellectual curiosity of a born naturalist, blessed with a photographic eye for composition and detail.' -Gisela Sophia Nittel
David Atkinson worked for the whole of his career as a lawyer in Sydney, where he still lives. For over thirty years he was the managing partner of the firm which he co-founded. David’s poems have been published widely in Australia and the USA. His favoured areas for poetic exploration include the human condition, nature and wildlife and the rural life of the past.
978 1 76041 521 1, 64pp




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