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Louise Nicholas / Meet My Mother

  • Louise Nicholas / Meet My Mother
"In this captivating poetic memoir, Louise Nicholas honours the memory of her mother, Dorothy, and her mother’s unfulfilled wish – until now – to be a published writer. Dorothy dances across these pages. Her sense of humour, her sparkle, and her love for her five children beam at us through her letters and partially written life story, and through Louise’s anecdotal flashback poems and recollections. This touching book is, in its way, a hymn to unsung mothers everywhere. As we read, we become aware that this was no ‘little, hearthrug-sized life’: Dorothy’s love ripples through the lives of her family, friends, and successors. As we read, this examined life reveals itself as extraordinary. Meet My Mother is a moving introduction to Dorothy. I wish I’d had the privilege of knowing her." - Jennifer Liston
978 1 76041 526 6, 134pp




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