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Donna Edwards / Idle Fragments

  • Donna Edwards / Idle Fragments
Though diminished in its composition, sometimes we are just able to glimpse through the chaos of living. To grasp snippets of meaning or fragments of understanding. Across a spectrum from mundane to exhilarating, it's out there waiting for our idleness or perhaps passion, so that we might observe and take note. For many, it becomes a novel or music or journalism or social media. For Donna Edwards it manifests as poetry. This wide-ranging selection includes Donna’s first childhood verse ‘Four Seasons in Adelaide’; many personal and simple reflections such as award-winning ‘Strawberries and Poppies’; and an awakening into the realities of a harder world. From carefree to cautionary, these are her words in your hands.
978 1 76041 535 8, 136pp




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