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Kevin Gillam / the moon's reminder

  • Kevin Gillam / the moon\'s reminder
the moon’s reminder explores five realms of ‘m’, from maps to moths. Here are poems where ‘sea is breathing’ and ‘sky bleeds’, where a ‘night for knots’ feels ‘the weight of silence’ - poems for unexamined moments.
'This book is firmly West Australian and just as our State spreads expansively over the globe, so the subject matter in this collection is varied and surprising. Of course there is family, there is music, but we go from down south, to the wheatbelt, to suburban Perth, to asylum seekers in a boat, from times past to times present, from intimate images to abstract thoughts. The reader is constantly asked to change key, to lead with the unexpected foot, to experience syncopation, silence. It’s unsettling, it’s provoking, it makes you think.' - Josephine Clarke
'One should read these poems aloud and be lulled into the lives of lovers and laneways. A collection to be savoured and appreciated for its measure, its music and its meaning.' - Writing WA
978 1 76041 537 2, 144pp




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