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Judith E.P. Johnson / where it leads: haiku & senryu

  • Judith E.P. Johnson / where it leads: haiku & senryu
‘One feels accompanied by the poet in these pages; through gardens, along country roads and city streets, along windswept coastlines and out on the water. You will encounter many invitations to pause, to share an observation of something tiny close-up or to admire some distant expanse. We also ponder occasional memories and wonderings about times long ago. There is karumi here, that delicate quality of lightness and simplicity where things are presented without embellishment, subjects without interpretation, where the wonder of things is allowed to speak for itself. And in judicious balance, other haiku indulge in subtle suggestion, offering hints of the extraordinary within the ordinary and even allude to the numinous. Most delightfully we meet the poet in these words as we find ourselves moved by that which moves her, sharing a few moments along this winding path, where it leads…’ - Simon Hanson
978 1 76041 540 2, 36pp




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