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Pam Cole / Candied Honey

  • Pam Cole / Candied Honey
‘Some poets have the ability to capture a mood, a feeling, a happening in a few well-chosen words. Pam Cole has been touching my soul for more years than I can remember. She is an astute observer of her surroundings and the people who inhabit her world. This collection of poems takes the reader on an intimate journey through her life. Each page deserves to be consumed in a quiet place, on your own, allowing time to digest the meaning behind the magical words.’ - Dale Lorna Jacobsen
‘Pam Cole’s writing has a sensibility which brings out the continuity of life in all its forms, a talent for telling how things were: a country childhood, the poignancy of ageing, the loss of people, absence of children, the joys of grandchildren, landscapes, and dreams, all subtly and movingly told.’ - Judy Goldberg
Pam Cole was born in 1935. She and her husband have lived in many parts of Australia, but now divide the year between their farmlet in Victoria and the New England country of northern NSW.
978 1 76041 549 5, 104pp




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