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Ray Clift / The Journeys of Hamlin Baylis Wells

  • Ray Clift / The Journeys of Hamlin Baylis Wells
In his first journey, Hamlin Baylis Wells, thirty years an undercover detective, has a major decision to make. His immaculate career and religious convictions are at odds with an impulsive decision not to declare a large sum of money found during a police operation. In the resulting journey of self-discovery, he finds a way to atone for his decision. Hamlin’s last journey is full of twists and turns for the former policeman. The property for homeless men he established in south-east South Australia is a resounding success due to his efforts and those of his friend Father Kelly. Before Father Kelly’s death, there are hints about the incoming priest, who was known as a bully and a schemer. After a violent confrontation, Hamlin walks away to Tasmania, where an inheritance awaits him and he and Sally, his neighbour, become lovers. He resumes his Army Reserve activities with the Medical Corps and is also accepted as a St John Ambulance volunteer. But danger enters his life in the form of an old and bitter enemy from his police days.
978 1 74027 960 4, 88pp




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