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Jane Williams / Oskar Saves the World

  • Jane Williams / Oskar Saves the World
‘Is Oskar a child genius or a mad-scientist-in-waiting? His idea of a pet might not be the best choice, but in the end it’s Oskar’s inventiveness that saves the day, if not the world! Oskar Saves the World is clever, sharp and inventive. Just like Oskar.’ - Sally Odgers
‘Oskar is a kid with big dreams, a kid with plans, a kid with ambition, but those dreams, that plan, that ambition almost spell doom for his family (and the postie)… A great little tale of good fortune, forgetfulness and alien monsters that will be gobbled up by little readers.’ - A.F. Harrold, author of The Imaginary
978 1 76041 592 1, 28pp, $17.50




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