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Mary Pomfret / The Hard Seed

  • Mary Pomfret / The Hard Seed
After years of living in the harsh Australian outback, Iris Bloom returns with her ailing husband to her hometown in the south. Old memories surface and begin to disturb and haunt her. Iris tries to make sense of her murky past through her writing. But she discovers that dangerous writing can sometimes have fatal consequences. Fearing she might reveal a dark secret they buried long ago, Iris’s family refuse to accept her back into the fold. After her death, Iris leaves her unpublished manuscript – dedicated to someone called Rose - in the hands of her solicitor. Iris’s letters are interwoven with her stories about intriguing but deeply troubled characters. Just what is fact and what is fiction in the stories Iris leaves behind? Why does this matter so? And who is Rose? Immensely readable, this psychological mystery is both emotionally shocking, but captivating until the end.
‘The spirit of Australian Gothic survives and thrives in Mary Pomfret’s Hard Seed, although few rural mysteries are as profound, or as captivating.’ - Laurie Steed
‘This poetic work at first skilfully confounds but enchants…’ - Sue Woolfe
'The stories-within-stories of the multiple narrators, each one sounding a variation on the folk-tale theme of the outcast, orphaned heroine, peel from each other like spent rose petals, all the way down to the hard seed which is the novel's core. But a hard seed is also a resilient source of fertility. Building on the legacy of generations of women writers before her, Pomfret returns again and again to this source to create a novel of haunting originality.' - Sue Gillett
‘The novel is beautifully written with often poetic prose. It has the feel of the Gothic and the suggestion of cleverness in its literary form.’ - Text
978 1 76041 607 2, 248pp




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